Electrical Safety Risk Inner West

We come across A LOT of electrical fire & hazards around inner west Sydney, check them out below.

Deteriorating black rubber cabling we removed!

Pulled from a rewire in Sydney's inner west, this stuff is brittle and still present in a lot of homes through sydney!

Have your smoke alarms expired?

Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years, it doesn't matter if the green light is on, check the expiry date on your smoke alarms now!

The DANGERS of Halogen Downlights!!

When doing LED downlight upgrades we see this all too often, halogen downlight transformers smouldering and with burn marks! Don't risk it, LED's not only run up to 80% more efficient they run far cooler eleminateing fire risk. 

Loose conection on a power point

A loose connection on this power point caused the lefthand side to break down and melt. 

This cable can be up to 100 years old...

We removed this VIR cable during a rewire, this cable was being installed between 1910 to 1940, this cable which was still being used could be up to 100 years old! 

This almost set the switchboard on fire

An emergency call out we had found this burnt out fuse, the connections got so hot from a loose joint it caught fire and melted. If you've got these in your home, your switchboard is definitly in need of an upgrade to safety switchs

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