Electric Hot Water Install - Croydon

This weeks featured electrical project

Electric hot water connection inner west

Our great clients in Croydon have come back again, and again. This time round we hooked up the new electric hot water system.

After electrically splitting this building into two over a year ago by splitting the circuits and rewiring part of the building and installing an additional switchboard we have come back here for numerous electrical works for these excellent clients.

The plumbers installed this new unit and re diverted the pipes to split the heating set up. We were very familiar with the building so it was easy to know our way around the underneath. We ran the cable back through the underside of the building, up to the switchboard and installed a safety switch along with an isolation switch next to the unit.

Electric Hot Water Install Croydon


Electric Hot Water Install Croydon


Electric Hot Water Install Croydon

Job Complete - Electric hot water installed

Clients were very happy with how it turned out! 

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