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Julie was getting a switchboard relocation and upgrade in her elderly home. When we were performing the necessary tests we noticed she had no smoke alarms installed in her home.

Not only is this super dangerous, it may void your home insurance in the event of a fire!!!

Smoke alarm install review
Smoke alarm install Marrickville

Getting the smoke alarm cables in place

Smoke alarm install | Marrickville

This old home luckily had ample space in the attic to run cables around. You could have put a few rooms up there!

We marked and  drilled out the cables for the smoke alarms, then jumped up in the attic and poked the cables down in their correct positions.

Smoke alarm install
wiring smoke alarms

Top view from the attic, Check out that old render, It certainly is a change from the gyprock you see in new homes today. It;s crazy durable stuff and has stood the test of time.

Very interesting to see where the old fittings were placed on top the gas pipes were capped off in the ceiling, from the days before electricity!

The cable is fished into the centre hole we have drill, we then inserted a timber support to hold the weight of the fan and connected the base.

Smoke alarm install
Smoke alarm install

Job complete smoke alarms installed! Julie's home is now up to code and there is two smoke alarms in this single story home by the bedrooms. They're also interconnected. This means that if one triggers the other will also trigger.  

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