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Switchboard Relocation - Dulwich Hill

This weeks featured electrical project

Switchboard relocation

A switchboard outside your front door, what were electricians thinking back then?

Simon was wanting to install some air conditioning units to his home in Dulwich Hill in Leichhardt. His switchboard was dated and would struggle with the additional load on the switchboard. We relocated and upgraded him to three phase.

Switchboard Relocation Dulwich Hill

New overhead mains cable service

The existing supply was a single phase from the street to the house. We got our Level 2 electrician to come around and install new three phase supply cables from the street pole to the house point of attachment. From there we ran nice new 16 mm cabling to the relocated switchboard.

Switchboard Relocation Dulwich Hill
Switchboard Relocation Dulwich Hill

New Switchboard

Simon received a brand new switchboard around the side of his house, out of the site, and harms way, a lot better than outside the front door! The switchboard has new earthing, water bond, and individual RCBO's (safety switches) on every circuit. The board is now fully compliant with ample power for additions.


Switchboard Relocation Dulwich Hill
Switchboard Relocation Dulwich Hill


Switchboard Relocation Dulwich Hill
Switchboard Relocation Dulwich Hill

Job Complete - Switchboard Relocated and Upgraded

Simon now has the piece of mind his switchboard upgrade & relocation is up to date, every circuit is protected by an RCD and a surge protection device to protect his electronics from surges. 

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