Switchboard Upgrade & Relocation - Hurlstone Park

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Removal, relocation and upgrade of switchboard



We had to find a suitable location to relocate the homes switchboard to, out of the way of the front door. Due to there being a driveway on one side we were limited by regulation to keep it on this specific side of the house

*See markings ready for cut out.

The is the messy part! Demolition saw ready, mask and ear muffs on ??!

Now we had to demo-saw this brick section out so we can fit the new meter box neatly recessed into the cavity!

* Reinforcement bar inserted to support the brick work

Getting there!!

Meter box inserted into the cavity. All the new cables are pulled up the cavity and ready to be joined to the old circuits when the old switchboard comes down.

New consumer mains to the point of attachment, main earth electrode and water bond connected also.

New main earth *VERY important!

 Ready for action!

Once the solar has been installed the client will arrange with their provider to install the smart digital net meter.

*ALL circuits now protected by an RCBO (Safety Switch) as per AS3000/2018 Wiring Rules

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