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Check out some of the ceiling fans we've installed and also which fans we recommend... We'll also tell you why DC is better than AC for efficiency. 

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Why Choose an AC ceiling fan?

AC fans are generally cheaper because the DC technology is so new.

AC fans can be used with either a wall control, pull cord or a remote whilst DC fans can only be controlled by a remote control, except in exceptional circumstances.

AC fans are still energy efficient and will use much less electricity than most household appliances, especially air conditioners but not as energy efficient as DC fans.

Why choose an DC ceiling fan?

DC Fans are Quite - No humming noise like AC Ceiling fans from off-peak ripple voltage

DC ceiling fans run up to 75%-80% more efficient than AC

DC Fans produce less heat - if you have an AC ceiling fan on full and you turn it off and place your hand on top the motor gets extremely hot, which adds heat to the room you wish to cool down - contradiction?

DC fans are generally faster to respond to the remote control, have more speed options and have the reverse function on the remote

Where can we install ceiling fans?

We can install ceiling fans either inside or outside your property.

If you've got an outdoor entertainment area pr pergola we can install a fan suited to that area. Popular areas of indoor install are predominantly bedrooms and living rooms. 

The benefits of getting Westcork Electrical electrical to carry out your ceiling fan installation...

Westcork Electrical specialise in electrical service, maintenance and upgrades in your home - we know domestic homes inside out.

After all, if you specialise in everything, you're master in none.

The benefits of using Westcork to install your ceiling fan.

The new DC technology is still quite new but there are a variety of models available and it is looking very promising in terms of noise and energy efficiency and has a lot of potential for future development.

It depends what you are after, but DC Ceiling fans are definitely the way to go. They will cost you a little extra to buy but you should see that returned with the low running costs.

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How much does an electrician charge to install a ceiling fan in Sydney Inner West?

The cost to install a ceiling fan will depend on the ceiling structure and access. The average cost is between $160 to $260, not including the price of the fan itself, each fan can be different, and what we've found is the cheaper the fan the more assembling is required, presumable they save cost on manufacturing this way. It’s best to contact Westcork Electrical directly to install your ceiling fan. Most ceiling fans will require an isolation switch also - not installing this may void the warranty.

Which ceiling fan is best to install?

We recommend a DC (Direct Current) type of ceiling fan. DC Fans are extremely quiet, have a lower voltage, have more speed options, and run up to 75%-80% more efficiently than standard AC (Alternating Current) ceiling fans.

Why is my ceiling fan making noise?

The common culprits of ceiling fans making noise are loose or damaged mounting, improper installation, loose fan screws, unlubricated motors, or loose accessories. If you ever hear a buzzing sound and see sparks coming from the fan motor you should cease using the fan immediately and call Westcork Electrical to address these issues.

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