Tesla EV Charger Installation

Have you purchased an electric vehicle? Model Y... Model 3? Now need to install a home charger?

Your in the right place.  We're experts at installing Tesla EV chargers, doing many every week.

The Tesla Gen 3 WallCONNECTOR charger is our favourite pick of the bunch.

Reliable, durable and user friendly.

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Choosing the Ideal Location for Your Tesla Charger

Choosing the right place for your Tesla charger means thinking about where your going to park the car in general. Mind you, the Tesla Gen 3 Wall CONNECTOR comes with a lenghty 7.3 meter lead to there is always some room to play with. We will always advise on location if we see a better spot, that masks it easy for you to charge.

We're RARE Certified Installers of Tesla EV Chargers!!

Not everyone gets choosen as a Certified installer fore Tesla. We we're very lucky to have been based off our reviews and level of service to the residential market around Inner West Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Our qualified electricians follow strict safety steps, making sure every installation, whether it's a basic wall connector or a more complicated charger, is installed with love and tidyness.

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What's included when we install your Tesla EV Charger?

When we install a Tesla charger, there are a number of things you need to know.

1. You need a dedicated cicuit back to the switchbaord for the new charger as it is a hefty load, you cannot simply take power from a local power point!

2.We always use 6mm cable for single or three-phase installs. (Some sneaky installers use lesser size cable (2.5mm).. We rather install correctly to future proof your install and for you to acheive 32 amps charge)

3. An isolation switch is installed close by the charger so in the event it need to be isolated for an emergency, or perhaps a tesla warranty job, it can be easily done.

4. German Hager circuit protection is installed. We like to use premium products - so it gives you a long lasting, durable installation.

Easy to use chargers

Once we install the charger, we then commision it to the correct amperage (the speed it charges at), then it really is plug and play. You do not need any degree for the Tesla Gen 3 WallCONNECTOR. It is super user friendly.

Your Getting Your Tesla Installed by the BEST

Getting your Tesla EV charger professionally installed by Westcork Electrical makes your electric car experience even better. Have a look at our reviews!

The Benefits of a Dedicated Tesla EV Charging Station

Having a special Tesla EV charging station brings lots of good things like quicker charging, it's easy to use, and you can charge more often. Our charger fitting pros at Westcork Electrical help you pick the right charger for you, so you can get the most out of your electric car.

Common questions we get asked about the Tesla EV Charger installs:

  1. Can we hook direct to the solar? NO! You cannot, however, logically, if the sunnis down you cannot charge the car. We hook up as normal and the electrical system will balance out the input and outoput of your solar V grid usage.
  2. Can you hook it to my home battery? NO! Home batterys, lets say 5KW is for 1 hour. The charge requires a lot of power - 7kw for single phase, and it takes 5-6 hours to charge your car (battery level permitting). This would mean you battery would only last approx 40 mins before it's drained - if that makes sense. Like #1 above we hook up as normal and let the grid/solar and batttry do their thing via the software.

Custom Solutions for Tesla EV Charging at Home

We provide custom Tesla EV charging solutions tailored to your home's specific needs. Whether it's a straightforward charger installation or a more complex setup requiring additional electrical services, our team at Westcork Electrical offers charger solutions that align with your lifestyle, budget, and electrical setup.

Get Your Tesla Charger Installed by Westcork Electrical!

What are you wiating for, submit and enquiry and we'll get your quote back to you rapidly once we get the requested information.

The efficiency of remote quoting

We're yet to go to site for a Tesla Ev Charger quote. We have methods and systems we use to quote your charger, meaning we can save you haveing to stay home or come back from work, just to show the electrician about. No need. We do things differently so it saves you messing around.

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