3 Phase Power Installation

Adding aircon, an EV charger, or a granny flat? You may need to upgrade your switchboard to three phase!

Westcork Electrical can install 3 phase power in homes across Inner West Sydney. We make sure your property gets a trustworthy and efficient three-phase power system, to improve your home and keep it safe.

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Understanding 3 Phase Power: Basics and Benefits

If you have a single phase it is most likely capable of 63 amps. When you install 3 phase it gives you 63 amps per phase- that's 189 amps, a more advanced electrical power system, making it ideal for heavy-duty phase equipment and air conditioning systems. The benefits of 3 phase power include reduced workload on each phase and the ability to carry more load, making it a cost-effective and energy-efficient choice.

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Is 3 Phase Power Right for Your Property?

Determining the suitability of 3 phase power depends on your property's power supply requirements and power loads. Properties with heavy machinery, aircon systems, ev chargers or other high-powered electrical appliances generally benefit from a 3 phase power supply. Westcork Electrical conducts thorough assessments to evaluate your property's specific needs.

The Process of 3 Phase Power Installation

The installation of 3 phase power is a detailed process that requires expert handling. Our skilled technicians ensure that every aspect of the three-phase power installation, from wiring to the configuration of electrical panels, is done with utmost care and adherence to safety standards.

Upgrading from Single-Phase to 3 Phase Power

Upgrading to a 3-phase power supply from a single-phase circuit can significantly enhance your property's electrical capability, supporting higher electrical loads and improving power efficiency. Westcork Electrical specialises in this upgrade process, ensuring a smooth transition to a more robust and efficient three-phase power system.

Cost Considerations for 3 Phase Power Installation

Investing in a 3 phase power installation involves understanding the costs related to the complexity of the installation and the specific requirements of your property. Our team provides transparent cost estimations and works with you to find the most efficient power solution, considering both three-phase and single-phase supplies.

Get in Touch with Westcork Electrical for Expert 3 Phase Power Installation

When you need a three-phase power installation, go for Westcork Electrical. Our team is skilled in all kinds of phase installations, from setting up a 3-phase circuit to upgrading your entire power system. We're all about making our customers happy and providing top-notch service. Need a 3 phase power solution? Contact Westcork Electrical today!

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