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Your oven has cooked one to many Sunday roasts? Is there only one hob out of four working on your cooktop - as if it were a last man standing competition, if so, It’s time to upgrade your cooking appliances!

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Gas to induction cooktop conversion

In recent times it has also been a very popular choice to eradicate GAS from homes for health reasons. Due to this popularity we’ve been helping inner west homeowners install induction cooktops and electric ovens that they didn’t know was even possible.

Achieve Energy Efficiency & Quicker Cooking Times

Efficiency is at the forefront of this shift. Induction cooking takes centre stage with its superior energy utilisation. Unlike gas cooktops, induction directs energy precisely into the cookware base, achieving an impressive efficiency rate of around 85%. This translates into quicker cooking times and a more responsive culinary experience. At Westcork Electrical, we've tested and endorsed induction cooktops that stand out for their efficiency, ensuring your meals are prepared faster and more efficiently.

Modern Kitchen Induction Cooktop Installation

Induction cooktops are perfect for modern kitchens, being stylish and efficient. Westcork Electrical is great at fitting them just right into your kitchen's look. Our skilled electricians know all about the electrical needs and safety rules, making sure they're installed smoothly and work well. Give your kitchen a boost with our induction cooktop fitting services and enjoy a whole new way of cooking.

Expert Oven Installation for Perfect Cooking Results

The heart of any kitchen is the oven, and at Westcork Electrical, we provide expert oven installation services to ensure perfect cooking results every time. Our experienced team handles everything from the selection of the right oven to fit your kitchen's layout to the final electrical setup. We prioritise safety and efficiency, ensuring your new oven not only looks great but also functions flawlessly, enhancing your culinary adventures.

Tailored Appliance Installation Solutions for Every Home

Every home has unique needs, and at Westcork Electrical, we offer tailored appliance installation solutions to match. From advanced cooktops to sophisticated ovens and ceiling fans, our experienced team ensures that each installation enhances your home's functionality and style. We listen to what you need, offering personalised solutions that fit perfectly with your home's style and electrical system, making sure everything works well and you're happy with it.

Professional and Reliable Appliance Installation Services

Westcork Electrical stands out for its professional and reliable appliance installation services. Our team of experienced electricians brings expertise in handling a wide range of appliances, ensuring each installation is performed with precision and care. We pride ourselves on offering punctual and efficient service, minimising disruption to your daily routine. Our commitment to quality and excellent service is evident in every job, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free installation experience for our customers.

Safer, Healthier Cooking Appliances

Health considerations are pivotal in this transition. Recent research underscores the adverse impact of gas emissions on respiratory health, particularly for vulnerable groups like children and individuals with asthma. We emphasise the importance of a safer cooking environment. By opting for induction, you reduce exposure to harmful pollutants and contribute to a healthier home. Our experts recommend proper ventilation and air purification to ensure your kitchen remains a safe haven for your family.

Sick of Gas? We can help you convert your cooktop to Induction!

Need to install appliances in Inner West Sydney? Westcork Electrical is here for you. Our team of qualified electricians has loads of experience and does each job with great care and skill. No matter if it's fitting a new oven, a ceiling fan, or a heated towel rail, we promise a trustworthy and quick service. Contact us for the best appliance installations and see how much we care about doing a good job and keeping our customers happy.

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