Dimmer Installation

Need dimmer install or upgrade?

There are many good reasons to install dimmer in your home. Dimmers have proved an exceptionally popular choice for not only controlling light but reducing energy consumption.

Dimming lights can make a room more comfortable to be in and can contribute to the desired ambiance for a party, gathering or event.

At Westcork Electrical, We also provide smart dimmers that you can control from your phone and basically automate your lights from the comfort of your smart device.

If you’re ready to enhance your life with a little bit of light, call Westcork Electrical now! We are ready to help you with even the most complex dimmer installation.

5 Best Locations for a Dimmer Install

Living Room

It is a great place to start if you want to give dimmers a try. Use your dimmer while you watch your favorite TV show or lower the lighting to transform your living room into your own movie theater. Because the living room is a common space for entertaining, you should consider smart dimmer lights as well. Changing the palette and playing with color can add ambiance.

Dining Room

A delicious meal begins with the eyes. It's essential to have proper lighting in the dining room. Nothing sets the tone for a romantic dinner date or a cozy gathering with friends like perfect lighting. Use your dimmer to enhance the ambiance for your dining experience.


While full light may be needed for some tasks in the kitchen, the ability to turn the lights to a lower level can come in handy, especially for early morning coffee-making or for late-night snacking.


In order to keep your bedroom a place for rest, incorporating a dimmer light can inform your body that the day is winding down and encourage better sleeping habits.


Being able to dim the lights first thing in the morning will allow you to start your daily routine without bright light assaulting your eyes, and provide an easier transition from sleeping to waking. Also, adding a dimmer can give the effect of candlelight without introducing a fire hazard. For better relaxation at home, lower the lights before taking a luxurious bath.

Once you get accustomed to dimmers and the control and flexibility they provide, you’ll want them in every room! It’s surprising how taking adjusting a small component, like lighting, can add a whole new perspective to a room. If you are interested in installing dimmers to any rooms in your home, book Westcork Electrical today!

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Do I need an electrician to install a dimmer switch?

Yes, for any electrical work you require a licensed electrician to install or replace your dimmer switches to make sure safety measures are taken into account to prevent fire and electrocution.

How much is a dimmer installation in Sydney?

The cost of dimmer installation can differ broadly depending on the styles and features of the switch. The average price ranges from $150 to $299 depending on if dimmer is supplied by your electrician.

How do I know if my dimmer switch is faulty?

The most common symptoms are if you start to hear any clicking or popping coming from the switch, the lights are flickering and the switch feels hot to touch or your lights on that dimmer ALL stop working. If that's the case, call Westcork Electrical immediately to stop this potential fire hazard.

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