Gas to induction cooktop conversion Inner West Sydney

Sick of Gas? We can help you convert your cooktop to Induction!

Converting gas cooktops to induction cooktops in inner west sydney has become very popular. If you enjoy your cooking there is nothing like an induction cooktop. 

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Induction cooktop

The gas to induction cooktop conversion

As we've done so many of these lately. I'm here to guide you through a seamless transition from gas to induction cooking.  

I understand the rising concerns surrounding health risks and escalating gas prices, which have prompted many households to explore alternatives. Let's delve into the key aspects of switching from gas to induction, with a spotlight on the expertise of Westcork Electrical.

Efficiency is at the forefront of this shift. Induction cooking takes center stage with its superior energy utilization. Unlike gas cooktops, induction directs energy precisely into the cookware base, achieving an impressive efficiency rate of around 85%. This translates into quicker cooking times and a more responsive culinary experience. At Westcork Electrical, we've tested and endorsed induction cooktops that stand out for their efficiency, ensuring your meals are prepared faster and more efficiently.

Health considerations are pivotal in this transition. Recent research underscores the adverse impact of gas emissions on respiratory health, particularly for vulnerable groups like children and individuals with asthma. We emphasize the importance of a safer cooking environment. By opting for induction, you reduce exposure to harmful pollutants and contribute to a healthier home. Our experts recommend proper ventilation and air purification to ensure your kitchen remains a safe haven for your family.

Practicality and maintenance are key factors. Induction cooktops offer a sleek and easy-to-clean solution, elevating your culinary space. Unlike traditional gas cooktops, the surface remains cool to the touch, preventing spills from adhering and simplifying cleanup. At Westcork Electrical, we prioritize your convenience, and we've extensively reviewed induction cooktops to ensure you're equipped with hassle-free maintenance and a contemporary kitchen aesthetic.

Installation and long-term savings tie everything together. As the trusted experts at Westcork Electrical, we understand the intricacies of installation and its impact on your budget. We advise you on power requirements and ensure a seamless integration of induction technology into your home. While the initial investment might seem substantial, our analysis shows that over time, induction cooktops prove to be a cost-effective choice.

In conclusion, your transition from gas to induction cooking is a journey we embark upon together. Westcork Electrical's expertise ensures a smooth integration, focusing on efficiency, health, practicality, and long-term savings. Let's redefine your culinary experience and create a safer, more sustainable kitchen environment.

Different types of power points to choose from

Do i need a plumber to disconnect?

Yes, once we get  quote to you and organise a date of install, you can arrange the plumber to come and cap off the gas connection, once done we are good to go.

Cooktop Fitment

Precision is key when it comes to measuring for the size of the cutout. As a reliable rule of thumb, keep in mind that if the new cooktop's external dimensions are larger or the same than those of the old gas cooktop, not any less.

To ensure a proper fit, the cutout for the new cooktop should ideally be around 10mm smaller on all sides compared to the edges of the existing gas cooktop.

Power supply

We will need to run a 6mm cable and a 32a safety switch feed from your switchboard for the new induction cooktop. 

The point under is only used for a spark for the old gas unit. It does not have sufficient power. 

Google Rating
Based on 426 reviews

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Jonathan Loon
Jonathan Loon
23:18 05 Dec 23
Great service and communication from Westcork. Alan was highly professional and the installation went smoothly. The preparation process they use was helpful, with Alan sending a video discussing the installation plan and what was needed prior to installation. Everything went smoothly and without issue.
Bridget De Maine
Bridget De Maine
04:55 04 Dec 23
I found Westcork Electrical from Google reviews and my experience was just as positive as others - he was super responsive, friendly and helpful, and I found his comprehensive quote process really easy and transparent. He did a combo of small and more intricate work with our place and he took the time and care to explain every aspect of the job in detail, as well as check on a few other little things around the place while he was there. Thanks for a job well done, Alan!
Deryk Neighbour
Deryk Neighbour
22:18 28 Nov 23
Alan did an amazing job! The work was completed on time and he was very easy to communicate with. I would definitely recommend him and use his services again in the future.


Is it possible to convert my gas cooktop to an electric cooktop?

Converting from a gas to an electric cooktop is indeed possible, but it usually involves more than just swapping out the cooktop. You will need to upgarde your kitchen's electrical wiring and potentially make adjustments to the countertop or cabinetry to accommodate the new electric cooktop.

What power supply requirment do i need for an induction cooktop?

For a single phase intsall, an induction cooktop is usually a 32 amp supply, using a 6mm cable.

What are the main benefits of switching to an electric cooktop?

By switching to an electric cooktop offers several benefits, such as enhanced safety due to the absence of open flames and combustion gases. Electric cooktops also provide precise temperature control and even heating. Additionally, the transition can contribute to a cleaner indoor environment by reducing air pollutants associated with gas combustion.

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