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Why should I upgrade to LED Downlights?

With technology becoming imminent it is difficult for old switchboards to cope with the increasing loads. Even more, these old switchboards are hardly equipped with electrical RCDs which are more commonly known as safety switches.

Safer, Cheaper and Durable are JUST three reasons.

Westcork Electrical are LED downlight install experts. With LED downlights becoming a must have item in your home or business, not only are they brighter, have less maintenance and run at a fraction of your old halogen downlights.
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What does LED Stand for?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and is a two-lead semiconductor light source. It is a p–n junction diode that emits light when activated. 

When a suitable current is applied to the leads, electrons are able to recombine with electron holes within the device, releasing energy in the form of photons. 

This effect is called electroluminescence, and the color of the light (corresponding to the energy of the photon) is determined by the energy band gap of the semiconductor. LEDs are typically small (less than 1 mm2) and integrated optical components may be used to shape the radiation pattern.

How do we upgrade or install your LED downlight?

If you have existing downlights we will prepare the area where we're upgrading the downlights. Drop sheets and plastic will be laid over your furniture and floors. We then remove the old units, drill out the ceiling correct dimension so the new LED downlights fit in snug. 

The next step is we re strip the connections after pulling them out of the existing halogen transformer, we then install a plug base in the ceiling, this is like installing a power point, only in the ceiling. The benefit of this is, should one ever fail, it will be a simple process to pull one down and replace it.

The Benefits of installing LED Downlights

  • Efficient solution - Our expert electricians are trained in installing LED downlights for different purposes. We can also recommend the most efficient downlight for specific uses to make sure that you get the best out of your money.
  • Low maintenance - Westcork Electrical also focuses on making sure that every lighting solution can easily be maintained by home and business owners. Moreover, you even don’t have to worry because we also provide electrical maintenance services for all your electrical system needs.
  • Safer to use - Many research and studies have proven that LED downlights are safer to use because it emits less heat compared to the traditional lights. With expert advice and service, our team will ensure that your LED downlight replacement is at its best and safest function.
  • Reduced energy bills - By swapping to LED downlights you will notice a significant difference in your power bills. LED Downlights can run at 80% cheaper than halogens.
  • Brighter lighting (If needed) - By You will notice a more crisp well spread lighting as most LED downlights have a light spread of 120 degrees - Halogens are 60 degrees, this is why you used to get the triangle wall shadows. Good for features like paintings but not light spread.

Reasons to choose Westcork Electrical for your LED Downlight replacement or upgrade.

  • Quality service guaranteed
    Our professional electricians provide expert advice and assistance for both small and large electrical needs. Our team strictly follows international and local electrical standards to ensure that quality and cost-effective service.

  • Reliable solutions
    We don’t just serve, but we serve with value. Replacing halogen downlights with LED requires an ocular inspection to ensure that we provide the right and quality service.

  • Solutions for all
    LED downlights and replacement can be done in both homes and business spaces. Our expert team of electrical contractors can also provide a mass system change, installation, or even maintenance.

  • Professional standards
    Our work is delivered to the highest standard. We make sure that every client and services are resolved and done within or before the discussed timeframe. Our reliable team is always ready to serve you 24/7.

Reduce your bill with energy efficient lighting solutions from Westcork Electrical now.

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Fatima Yamani
Fatima Yamani
13:02 11 Oct 21
Excellent service! Alan was punctual, knowledgeable and friendly. Light fittings were all installed & tested. Alan also provided additional assistance on the day for a faulty power point. Would recommend this company to all my family and friends without hesitation.
Dasun Ginige
Dasun Ginige
22:39 07 Oct 21
Allan was extremely professional and took great care in his work. He was on time and provided a demo video prior to explain what was required to be done and why. He also cleaned up afterwards leaving no mess behind. Would definitely recommend and was just generally a good guy.
Jess Horton
Jess Horton
03:31 06 Oct 21
I booked a fan installation with Alan at Westcork, once I provided some photos he was able to put together an informative video quote which made the process easy to understand, I was really impressed. He also suggested updating my circuit box to industry standard.The actual installation was super quick and easy, Alan kept everything tidy and gave clear instructions in how everything worked.Alan was very pleasant to work with, I would definitely recommend.

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