Power Point Installation & Replacement

Looking to install more power point?

You can never have enough power points in your home! If you live in inner west sydney in an older home, chances are you have one power point in each room... what were they thinking back then! We can install power points where every you need them. With the age we live in, nearly everything is required to be plugged in be it for usage or recharge. We can definitely help add more power points to your home.

Classic power point install

Power point replacement and refresh

Power points get old, tired, cracked and yellowed. By simply replacing old power points it will not only make your home look neater, whiter and cleaner but add value to it also. We always get new home buyers who have inherited a home which has had little to no electrical maintenance by the previous owner and we come in and leave the place looking revitalised!

RCD protected power points

We see it all too often, power points installed with no safety switch at the switchboard. This is crazy and by law adding a power point means at a very minimum we have got to upgrade that circuit to have an RCD.

Different types of power points to choose from

USB power points

USB power points are the way forward, they save clutter an bulky chargers, simply plug you smart devices into the charge ports and normal power points in normally.

Quad power points

Just need more power points? These are fantastic in areas like a kitchen or behind a TV where there will be a lot of power points required. These can also come in a 5 power point fitting complete with USB chargers. 

Standard power points

The classic power point, simple but effective. The double power point has been around years and always evolving in design. 

Stylish & modern power points

One of the latest products in the line of stylish power points in 2020 are clipsal iconic. They have been designed with the future in mind. If you ever get sick of the white cover plates, its as easy as grab the corner, pull it off and clip on a replacement colour or design of your choice and you don't need an electrician to do this.

High end power points

Looking for something a little more up market? There is a big range of high end power point to avail of We personally like the selection Hager and Clipsal have to offer.

Smart power points

Let's get techy... Say you want to get up in the morning but want your kettle boiled as you walk into the kitchen. Now you can! With technology advancing so much, power points can now be controlled from your smart device or voice controlled via Bluetooth or WiFi. These are only starting to come on the market so are in the higher price range but are capable of so many brilliant functions. WiFi devices will need a hub or gateway to speak to, Bluetooth will connect to your smart device direct, but may have to be in range. There are pros and cons to both.

Our inner west Sydney power point installation service includes

  • Replacement of existing power points
  • Upgrade of single to double power points
  • Addition of new power points
  • Upgrade of existing power points to better options
  • Testing & RCD test of all power points for safety
  • Power points with USB sockets

How can we help you?

Westcork Electric provides you with prompt and affordable power point installation and testing service. We are always on time, answer your calls and have the best pricing structure to save you money. Whether you need to upgrade to a double power point from a single or install completely new power points our licensed electricians can get the job done for you.

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James D
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Vahdat Dastpak
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I am very happy with the workmanship and quality of the work. Highly recommended.
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When should power point outlets be replaced?

If your power point outlets are falling apart, buttons are loose, getting hot, has burn marks, only one side works perhaps? Having a faulty power point may be putting your home at significant risk. Keep in mind that powerpoint outlets have a useable lifespan and it may be time to have them replaced. If you notice anything strange coming from an outlet, Get in touch with the team at Westcork Electrical right away.

Why are my power point outlets not working?

This is usually due to faulty power points that have tripped your safety switch. To check if this is the problem, reset the breaker by flipping it OFF and then back to ON. If this doesn't solve the problem, don’t wait any longer, it not be working due to earth leakage or possibly ants or termites. It’s always a good idea to have an electrician take a look to avoid electrical fires.

How much does it cost to install power point in Sydney?

The average cost of installing powerpoints is around $160 - $255. Of course, the costs can differ greatly depending on the materials needed, length of the run, where the closest power point is, condition of your home electrics, and the number of powerpoints to be installed and most importantly if the circuit needs a safety switch added.

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