Rewire Inner West

Do you need a rewire?

Is your home in need of a rewire? We're seeing a lot of homes throughout the inner west still with the original wiring from over one hundred years ago. Sure it works, but is extremely dangerous.

Old cotton and rubber cables are extremely brittle. When altered, moved or pressure is applied they are prone to snapping, short circuit or desecrating.

Over time this cabling starts to break down and has a life expectancy unlike new double insulated TPS cabling.

If you spot metal conduits in your attic space, at your switchboard or on your walls and you know you've not had a rewire it may be due!     

Check out some rewire work we've carried out, making these inner west homes a safer place.

rewire inner west

What's inside the metal conduit? Old cotton cables.

When do i need a rewire?

As a rule of thumb id your home is over sixty years old it may be due an inspection to see if you need a rewire.

Tell-tell signs:

Why is a rewire important?

Safety! Old cabling can cause electrical shock or worse fatality. When doing a rewire we make sure all your cabling is replaced and brought up to the current wiring rules that were updated in 2018. That means ALL the cables replaced and all electrical sub circuits will be placed on an individual safety switch.

The Benefits of rewiring your home!

  • Increase safety for your family in your home
  • Increase market value to your home, most likely your biggest asset. 
  • Piece of mind knowing you're safe fresh cabling to run all your homes electrics

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