Surge Protection Installation

What do surge protectors do?

A surge protection device is like a superhero for your electronics! It helps protect your computer, TV, and other things that use electricity from something called a power surge.

A power surge happens when there is too much electricity going through the wires in your house all at once. This can happen if there is a big storm nearby or if a big machine turns on or off somewhere close by. When this happens, it can make your electronics not work well or even break them.

A surge protection device is like a shield that catches the extra electricity and sends it to the ground instead of letting it go to your electronics. Think of it like a big bucket that catches the extra water when it rains, so it doesn't flood your house.

There are different types of surge protection devices. Some you can plug into an outlet, like a lamp, and it will protect the things you plug into it. Others are installed in your whole house and can protect everything from power surges.

In summary, surge protection devices are a superhero for your electronics, they catch and redirect extra electricity that can damage your devices and appliances during a power surge. 

What Are Power Surges?

Sydney, including the inner west gets many lightning strikes as you know. When these lightning strikes occur and hit your home or close by they send a spike in your voltage and can end up blowing your electronic equipment like TV's, Ovens, Dishwashers, Stereos etc. They're a common cause of damage to home electrics. Your normal voltage is either 240v or 420V, this may be exceeded in the event of a 

Westcork Electrical can install surge protectors in your home's switchboard to give you piece of mind during time of fluctuations in power. With Technology on the rise and so many portable appliances lots of homes have expensive appliances which won't withstand power surges. Televisions, sound systems, ovens, cooktops, and so on. All these items can be costly to replace, installing a surge protector is a far more cost effective solution.

Power surges can occur as a result of downed power lines, transformer failure or sudden changes in power usage in your local area.

Main types of Surge Protectors available

Single Phase Surge Protector 240 Volts

Three phase surge protector

Three Phase Surge Protector 420 Volts

Why install a switchboard surge protector?

You can’t control the weather, but you can control the level of protection you have from it. Events such as lighting strikes can cause electrical surges and spikes, and if you don’t have a quality surge protector installed then this can lead to significant damage. If your planning a switchboard upgrade we always suggest installing a surge protector.

What about power boards with surge protection

These may do the job, but there is no guarantee. We don't recommend these as it promotes powerboard overloading by plugging in numerous items and implements another electric danger in your home. Best to install at the switchboard

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Jonathan Loon
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Great service and communication from Westcork. Alan was highly professional and the installation went smoothly. The preparation process they use was helpful, with Alan sending a video discussing the installation plan and what was needed prior to installation. Everything went smoothly and without issue.
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Deryk Neighbour
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Alan did an amazing job! The work was completed on time and he was very easy to communicate with. I would definitely recommend him and use his services again in the future.


Is it worth getting surge protection?

There is no reason not to get a surge protector if you live in the Inner West area with lots of lightning strikes and fluctuations in power happen. You need a surge protector to ensure your valuable electronic devices and home appliances are protected from a high-voltage power surge.

How much does it cost to have a surge protector installed in Sydney?

The surge protector installation cost is around $300 - $550, depending on the model and if it's single-phase or a three phase surge protector is required.

How long do surge protectors last?

Surge Protectors aren't forever. The average lifespan is at 3 to 5 years and will depend on how many surges the device will have to deal with. However, It is advisable to replace it as often as every two years.

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