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What is a safety switch or RCD?

RCD's (Residule Current Device) or commonly known as safety switches are essentially your electrocution.

An RCD is truly your last line of derence to protect against electrocution. Many people are under the impression that a circuit breaker will trip in the event of human contact with electricty, this is incorrect!

The picture showing the test button arrow is an RCD, they are easily idintified by this button. Each brand will varey but they are made obvious by the the 'T' or 'Test' button. 

An RCD measures the current flowing out and back to the circuit, if, in any event there is an earth leakage to ground it will trip instantly in .04 of a second - Saving your life

7 Reasons you need a switchboard upgrade

1. Building an addition to your home, for example a granny flat, garage or next level extension. Due to the demand of everyday appliances your power consumption will go up placing your old switchboard under pressure, not being able to handle the increased load. Depending on your new electric needs you may also need to upgrade the consumer mains to three phase - the supply from the street to your home.

2. Lack of safety switches/RCD. New wiring rules state that every domestic circuit now be placed on an RCD for added electrocution protection, meaning your homes as new as '18 are most likley sub standard now and lack full electrocution protection on circuits like ovens, cook tops and air conditioners.

3. Adding new appliances to your home - ovens, stoves, induction cook tops. An induction cook top can be 32 amps... some Sydney apartments only have a 32amp supply!!

4. Adding more electrical equipment like air-condition units - These draw quite a bit of power, you may need to upgrade to three phase power. 

5. Flickering lights, of intermittent power loss to power points etc.

6. Your switchboard has wired fuses. These are still so common and so dangerous, people who don't know what they are doing may place the incorrect size wire in to replace a blown wire and this can have a knock on effect and put your homes wiring at risk of fire or damage to the cabling.

7. Over crowding circuits at the switchboard - Numerous years of different electricians adding circuits, botching cables in.

Why should i upgrade my switchboard?

One Word - SAFETY!

Your electrical switchboard is the heart of your electrical system. If your switchboard isn't up to date it can impose serious safety risks in your home or business. It's important you keep it maintained and up to date with current AS3000:2018 wiring rules. 

In this article we will guide you through everything about switchboard upgrades, relocation, and installs. When it comes to switchboard upgrades, Westcork Electrical is here to help with it's team of expert electricians local to you sydneysiders!

Many Sydney homes still have old wiring and original switchboard which, yes, are functional but not safe and sub standard. With technology becoming imminent it is difficult for old switchboards to cope with the increasing loads. Even more, these switchboards are hardly equipped with electrical RCDs which are more commonly known as safety switches.

Old switchboards use fuse carriers and ceramic fuse' with have a flimsy fuse wire in between two screws as protection for circuit overload, crazy right? On a short circuit this wire will arc, burn out and crack, breaking the circuit. not to mind having no protection against electrocution. 

The next phase of this was the plug in fuse carriers, which often people mixed and matched the wrong fuses resulting in something like the picture.

The problem was when this happened back in the day. The property owner usually grabbed the closest bit of replacement wire and changed it themselves, not knowing if they put the correct wire in… We have seen 32a plug in fuses or double wrapped 16 amp wire (16a x 2 = 32a) on an 8 amp circuit this is lethal and a fire waiting to happen!

A massive problem we see a lot is when a fuse blows the homeowner (usually not an electrician) will reinstate the fuse wire themselves… why is this dangerous?.. Fuse wire has different ratings in the olden days you had 8 amp for lights and 16 amp for power points. If the light fuse blows (8 Amp), and cracks the wire, we have seen it on numerous occasions the owner will install the 16 amp fuse wire.

This is VERY DANGEROUS and often causes electrical fires. These fuses do not protect you from electrical shock, they only protect the cable! That’s safety switches have now been made mandatory for all new installs up to 32A in a domestic installation.

If your home is still using a ceramic style fuse board at your home you need it replaced quick smart!

Why should I install surge protection at my switchboard?

Recently we had a client prior to us doing work on their home have a lightning strike travel up the earth electrode and blow up a all the homes electronic components inside the TV, Aircon, Washing Machine, Oven etc etc. 

This reeked havoc and caused about 9k worth of damage. Had they installed a simple master surge protector at the switchboard this could've been avoided.

The surge protector is a simple device that sits in the switchboard and takes the hit of any surges, when it blows, the cartridge can be easily replaced.  

Surge protector

What is a switchboard?

A switchboard is the heart of your home or business' electrics. When the power comes from the street it goes firstly to your switchboard, from there gets distributes throught your home in sub circuits powering up your property.

Your switchboard is usually located on the external of your home inside the meter box with your electricity meter in older homes, generally on the front corner of your home, sometimes even outside your front door - what were they thinking? Apartments will have them tucked away in the kitchen cabinet above a fridge or similar.

Inside the switchboard there will be a number of fuses or circuit breakers - if your reading this, looking to upgrade your switchbboard, most likley it's outdated and has porcelan fuses like the pictures below. These fuses protect the cable by blowing and snaping the fuse wire inside when the circuit operating current is exceeded, but, they will not prevent you from electric shock - as many people think they do! That's where an upgrade and installing RCD or safety switches come into play.

RCD's - One of the key reasons for an upgrade is to add safety to your family and home to prevent electrical shock - scroll down to see if you've got RCD's installed. If not your at risk of electrical shock - If you have RCD's make sure you push the test button monthly to make ensure it is operating correctly.

Thinking of installing a pool, granny flat, garage, airconditioning units? You will need to make sure your switchboard is upto scratch. Westcork Electrical can inspect yours today. Give us a call, we're here to help!

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James D
10:24 29 Feb 24
Great service from Alan at Westcork Electrical installing an EV charger and surge protector. Even the initial quoting experience was pleasant. Really quick and clear communication from beginning to end and a very neat installation.
Vahdat Dastpak
07:10 27 Feb 24
I am very happy with the workmanship and quality of the work. Highly recommended.
Glenn Lieu
03:03 27 Feb 24
Ian Bowsher
21:15 20 Feb 24
Alan was fabulous from the start. His unique method of quoting which involved sending photos to him of the job to which he would respond through a video was great to save time and ensure he was aware of all the job entailed.Upon arrival I knew I'd selected the right electrician for the job. Alan was thorough, precise and incredibly efficient. He explained everything he was doing as he installed new circuits to run an induction cooktop, stove, ceiling fan and added an extra powerpoint.If you're looking for a true professional electrician, Alan at Westcork will not disappoint.
ransika de silva
09:41 20 Feb 24
Alan was great through the whole process. Very responsive and flexible when we had to change dates due to some additional work we were having done. He was also very considerate while doing the job and the house was left very tidy. Would highly recommend!
Bill Maclean
07:11 13 Feb 24
Excellent professional electricians. Prompt, efficient, competitively priced and get the job done with no fuss.
Hanna E. Online
06:02 08 Feb 24
Couldn't recommend more, my favourite trades experience to date! Alan was fantastic from the start, fully understood what I was after - making a little video to illustrate why he proposed a certain solution - and offered practical and affordable execution to install three ceiling fans, upgrade bathroom fan and replace my switchboard with safety switches.
Greg fountain
07:58 07 Feb 24
Brilliant service, from detailed quote with clarifications, any questions answered quickly and clearly, scheduled, arrived on time, cleaned up, couldn’t ask for more. Will definitely use again.
Steven Murphy
06:07 05 Feb 24
Westcork were attentive and proactive in quoting and on-time, professional and informative for the installation work. Highly recommend.
David B
04:12 01 Feb 24
Excellent work, agile and friendly, highly recommend.
06:32 30 Jan 24
Alan today installed my Tesla Wall Connector charger and did an amazing, clean and tidy job. Very approachable and happy to help with any questions I have. Would highly recommend to use Westcork Electrical for any electrical needs!
Jennifer Williams
21:27 29 Jan 24
Whenever we need an electrician we call Alan from Westcork Electrical. The service is great and the work is expertly and efficiently completed. Thanks Alan. Sandra
Nichola Edmunds
12:04 29 Jan 24
This is the second time we have had Westcork doing electrical work for our home. Professional, polite and good quality work. Highly recommend.
Darren So
05:53 29 Jan 24
Perfect! Great job and highly recommended. Alan takes initiative and thinks outside of the box in challenging scenarios.
22:10 24 Jan 24
Experienced, punctual, they're my favourite electricians.
Dawn Connellan
22:08 24 Jan 24
Great service. Considerate and very helpful.
Dean Isreb
04:09 24 Jan 24
Alan is a breath of fresh air in a world full of unreliable and non-communicative tradies. His communications upfront were clear and helpful, pricing structure was transparent and he answered my silly questions. He was punctual, friendly, did a great job and explained everything thoroughly. Highly recommend.
Julie L
10:56 18 Jan 24
A friendly and professional service provided by Alan, I will definitely be calling on him for any future electrical work required.
Stephanie Davey
07:03 18 Jan 24
Alan was extremely helpful and quick to complete the work I needed done. His quote process was clear and informative, and the work was completed to a very high standard. Would definitely recommend Westcork Electrical!
Ben Liu
02:30 18 Jan 24
Excellent service! Allan was professional and friendly.
Stephen Austin
22:26 16 Jan 24
Great job Alan. Saved us a bundle in getting our shorted out hot water system working again and fixed the day I called.Thanks Steve
Mark Smith
22:48 10 Jan 24
Alan did an amazing job adding a couple of extra power points (in a particularly awkward location) and replacing my switch board which was not up to new safety standards. Will use him again for any electrical work needed without hesitation
Susannah Drinan
10:46 10 Jan 24
Highly recommend Westcork Electrical. Did an excellent and thorough job. Five star service and great communication. So glad we’ve found a good electrician. Will use Westcork again.
Michael Zacharatos
04:53 09 Jan 24
Prompt, helpful, great service.
Ashton Gharavi
21:27 28 Dec 23
Alan is an absolute professional, showed up on time and did the work with great quality. He also fixed a few things along the way which was absolutely above and beyond his responsibility.I'll have his number handy for anything else I need done at home.
22:10 20 Dec 23
Alan always does a great job at our place. We first used his services when we needed to upgrade our switchboard. I sent him a photo and he came back with a video diagnosing all the issues for free! We’ve used him ever since, from that first switchboard upgrade to our latest ceiling fan.
04:04 19 Dec 23
Great service!! Prompt and very high quality. Modernised our switchboard. Superb diagnostics and thorough explanation of the solution. I’m very happy with the result. Highly recommended!! Thank you Alan and Westcork Electrical.
Robert Edmunds
10:37 18 Dec 23
Great communication, prompt, rectified all issues - highly recommended.
Angus Hui
06:01 13 Dec 23
Alan from Westcork Electrical installed the Tesla Wall Charger for us. He was easy to deal with and provided us detailed information together with the quotation. He worked very efficient with a lot of attention to details. He can give the sense of the security of a job done with the commitment to good quality. Highly recommend him!
Andrew Costa
22:50 11 Dec 23
Engaged Westcork Electrical to install the Tesla Outdoor charger. The whole process was seamless from the initial inquiry, quoting and the installation. Alan was very friendly turned up on time and did a great job on the installation I was very pleased with the outcome and overall process.
Josh O'Sullivan
07:57 11 Dec 23
On time, professional and uses modern tools and techniques to get the job done. Highly recommend!
Wes Suthern
21:24 09 Dec 23
Alan's customer service was fantastic, which was surpassed by his quality of work.
Peggy Trompf
22:45 07 Dec 23
As always, Alan did a really good job. Best in the business, in my view.
Jonathan Loon
23:18 05 Dec 23
Great service and communication from Westcork. Alan was highly professional and the installation went smoothly. The preparation process they use was helpful, with Alan sending a video discussing the installation plan and what was needed prior to installation. Everything went smoothly and without issue.
Bridget De Maine
04:55 04 Dec 23
I found Westcork Electrical from Google reviews and my experience was just as positive as others - he was super responsive, friendly and helpful, and I found his comprehensive quote process really easy and transparent. He did a combo of small and more intricate work with our place and he took the time and care to explain every aspect of the job in detail, as well as check on a few other little things around the place while he was there. Thanks for a job well done, Alan!
Deryk Neighbour
22:18 28 Nov 23
Alan did an amazing job! The work was completed on time and he was very easy to communicate with. I would definitely recommend him and use his services again in the future.
Adrien Wallace
07:08 22 Nov 23
Alan was professional, easy to chat to and worked to a high quality with my Tesla charger install. Thanks mate.
Dominic Paul
07:05 18 Nov 23
I had Alan from Westcork install my Tesla wall charger today. He did a great job and the charger is installed in a very convenient spot within my garage. It required a bit of work connecting from my switch board to garage which were on opposite ends of my house.Alan is a perfectionist and appeared highly disciplined and thoughtful about the work that he does. The whole procedure looked very systematic and thoroughly done.I recommend Westcork for high quality perfection
Sarah Munro
04:49 14 Nov 23
Alan at Westcork Electric is fantastic, I will recommend to all my family and friends. Very professional, reliable, super friendly and helpful. Will always go the extra mile to make sure things are done to the highest quality.
Ben Richardson
22:10 09 Nov 23
07:11 09 Nov 23
From the initial email enquiry about installing ceiling fans, Alan was professional, friendly and reassuring that the job could be done with a minimum of fuss. And that is exactly what transpired today. Very happy with the job and will be recommending Alan at the first opportunity!
Chris Cameron
08:53 08 Nov 23
Friendly, professional service, very efficient. Completed on time and on budget. Would use again.
Min Min
11:20 07 Nov 23
Great experience from start to finish. Professional from obtaining a quote to final installation. Looks at the very best functional and aesthetic approach for installation. If you want the best installation for your Tesla charger Alan and Westcork is highly recommend.
06:40 02 Nov 23
We had an absolutely lovely experience with Alan when he came to install our fans in Dulwich Hill. He was incredibly kind, professional, arrived on time, and gave me a full demo of the fans (I had no idea fans had a "winter mode" that draws warm air down, and I'm very glad he showed me or else I'd be forgiven for thinking the fans didn't circulate air properly!).I'll go as far as saying it was the best experience I've ever had with a tradie, and I couldn't be more grateful for our fans going into summer. We will absolutely be engaging Westcork Electrical for our our electrical needs in the future. Highly recommended. Thank you Westcork!
Tariq Chotani
19:44 26 Oct 23
Oddom Demont
10:36 22 Oct 23
Excellent service and quality electrical work. Communication was top notch from quote to finish product. Will definitely re-engage for future electrical work.
01:10 19 Oct 23
I highly recommend Westcork Electricals. Their service from my first phone call was exceptional. I couldn't fault it. Triaged by a central office, and immediately forwarded to an electrician for my choice of on-site or online quote. The online quote was guided, and I provided necessary photos. The quote redirected on the same day was detailed and acceptable. The follow-up communication was exemplary, including text messages leading up to the scheduled appointment to install 2 ceiling fans in time for a hot summer. Alan, was on time, took took the time to ensure the fans were working as perfectly as he thought they should, going over and above what I expected of any electrician. We will definitely be keeping Wesrcork, and Alan, on speed dial for any electrical work to be done in the future. Westcork's work model should be the benchmark for all similar businesses - trade or other.
Timothy Fielder
01:06 18 Oct 23
Alan is straight forward and helpful. Easy process from quote to job, and very responsive throughout.
Belinda Chellingworth
07:43 15 Oct 23
Do yourself a massive favour and hire Westcork! I lost a lot of time getting quotes from mediocre businesses, before I found Alan. Alan replaced my gas stove with an electric induction cooktop and I found the service to be considered, helpful, prompt and extremely professional.
Chris Ong
05:38 14 Oct 23
Alan promptly diagnosed and fixed the power outage we had. Friendly and professional.
Melissa May
20:44 13 Oct 23
Alan installed my smoke alarm this morning. Incredibly pleased with Westcork Electrical’s service. Great vale for money, quick installation and 7 year warranty. I would absolutely use again and recommend to family and friends. Thanks Allan 😊
Ellen Stanley
04:56 12 Oct 23
Outstanding customer service and highly professional work from beginning to end. You're in expert hands with Alan and his team.
C & K Banick
00:15 28 Sep 23
Westcork was a great find. Quick to reply. Detailed quote. Great communication. Arrived on time. Neat and tidy. No "surprise" charges. Did a lot of small electrical projects that have been stacking up around our home. Highly recommended and we will be using them as our go-to electricians for all of our household projects.
Sandy Totten
11:40 26 Sep 23
Alan did such great work fixing my switchboard, LED strip lights and adding a new plug point. He was very knowledgeable and professional, highly recommend.
Sydney Walker
06:28 25 Sep 23
Alan was just great. Arrived right on time and completed all our electrical work in a very efficient and extremely clean manner (leaves the work area spotless. Alan was also very helpful with advice on which products are the most reliable and best to buy.I will absolutely recommend Alan (Westcork) to all our neighbours and friends.
Warwick Mcalpine
05:17 25 Sep 23
If you want it done well, at a fair price, look no further.#ActuallySixStars
Christian M
02:15 25 Sep 23
Alan is our favourite tradesmen out of the dozens we've employed during the past 2 years in our new house. We always look forward to seeing him! Alan is the benchmark for not only all trades, but especially electricians. On top, he's fundamentally a top human being :)
Sven Becker
05:51 24 Sep 23
Great end to end experience, thorough work.
Kumara Kulatunge
09:43 20 Sep 23
It was better if I could talk to the electrician over the phone. I was bit worried as all responses were on SMS. But I was relieved once met him on the day of installation. He was professional and clarified all I wantd to know.
Mark A-G
07:03 20 Sep 23
Alan does great work, very personable and knows his stuff.
Rajesh S
03:26 11 Sep 23
I recently had Electric Vehicle charger installation work done at my home, and I was extremely satisfied with the service provided by Alan Colins from Westcork electrical. Alan was professional, efficient, knowledgeable, punctual and ensured the work was done professionally and all safety measures were in place.If you're in need of electrical services, I highly recommend giving Alan Colins from Westcork Electrical a call.
Bimbola Ibuowo
05:15 09 Sep 23
I will recommend their service to anyone. Great job!
Lisa Myers
22:46 05 Sep 23
We have had work done by Alan twice now and we highly recommend him for any electrical work. He's prompt, professional, friendly, and his work is impeccable.
Ruth Chan
05:56 04 Sep 23
Alan is brilliant at his job! He is professional, reliable and always does a fabulous job. I have used him many times now and have recommended him to many of my friends.
Ramon and Cathie
01:46 30 Aug 23
I recently had the pleasure of working with Alan from WestCork Electrical for the installation of a Tesla Wall Charger and an upgrade to our electrical box at our residence. From start to finish, the experience was nothing short of exceptional, and Alan, the mastermind behind WestCork Electrical, played a pivotal role in making the entire process seamless.One of the standout aspects of our experience with WestCork Electrical was Alan's professionalism and commitment to transparency. Before the project even commenced, he took the time to create a detailed video that explained the entire scope of the work to be carried out and what would be included in the fee. This video not only helped us understand the process better but also gave us confidence that we were dealing with a company that prioritizes clear communication.On the day of the installation, Alan arrived promptly as scheduled. Punctuality is often overlooked in service providers, but it speaks volumes about their commitment to customer satisfaction. The entire day proceeded with clockwork precision, and it was a hassle-free experience for me as a homeowner. Alan was not only efficient but also took care to ensure that the installation was carried out to the highest standards of safety and craftsmanship.In addition to the technical expertise, the professionalism extended to cleanliness and tidiness. Our property was left in clean and tidy, which is not always the case with contractors. This level of care and consideration for the client's space was truly appreciated.To sum it up, our experience with WestCork Electrical, led by Alan, was outstanding. The installation of our Tesla Wall Charger and the upgrade of our electrical box were great and the level of professionalism and transparency displayed by Alan exceeded our expectations. I would wholeheartedly recommend WestCork Electrical to anyone in need of electrical services. They are a shining example of what a top-notch service provider should be. Thank you, Alan for a job well done!
Miaad Hussain
07:31 25 Aug 23
Alan's work is absolute perfection. Can't recommend him enough! Alan fixed up the electric car charger, installed some new wiring , lights and replaced our smoke alarms. Very knowledgeable and super easy to work with.
Jessica Humphries
06:38 25 Aug 23
Alan was great! Very professional and responsive from the moment I reached out. Work was completed quickly, to a high quality standard and with happy, friendly service.I’d definitely contact Alan for any future electrical needs.
Jared Millican
10:47 23 Aug 23
Haven’t reviewed too many tradespeople before but Alan deserves a special mention. Without a doubt the best one we’ve ever hired. Professional, punctual, high quality work. Thanks Alan, wouldn’t look to hire anyone else.
Jo Price
00:53 18 Aug 23
Great service, good advice and fit in around my schedule, did a good and thorough job and cleaned up after.
Rachel Watson
00:28 14 Aug 23
Highly recommend. Alan went above and beyond, taking the time to thoroughly explain the problem I was having, and doing everything he could to fix it. I really trusted him and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.
P Connerty
22:09 11 Aug 23
Quick response, informative video quote, on time and super friendly. What else can you ask for. Would use again!
Ryan Kirkland
02:33 09 Aug 23
Good prompt communications, quality work, clean site, super friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend.
Rachel Reid
20:27 06 Aug 23
Alan is professional, thorough and friendly. Will use time and time again.
Irene Panos
02:16 04 Aug 23
Alan was explained clearly as-to what the problem was and was able to fix it within reasonable time.he was respectful friendly whilst being professional. I will use this company again
Jess Davis
01:38 04 Aug 23
Alan was excellent! He installed down lights, fans, moved a tv port, added new PowerPoints and fixed up the switch board. He was very thorough - checked our smoke alarm and fixed an unexpected mess of cables in the roof and did a great job. Everything looks great, we are very happy and would definitely recommend Alan & Westcork!
Leane Flaherty
11:01 27 Jul 23
Happy to do tricky work on an old house with a positive attitude.
Mia Kumar
08:18 25 Jul 23
Very happy with reliability of service and quality of work to install charger for Tesla. Understanding to change date of service when charger had not arrived from Tesla and date needed to change.
Jeremy Butler
01:25 15 Jun 23
Great service. We discussed the work required and was carried out efficiently.
12:32 06 Jun 23
Excellent service. Alan's work is top notch, very thorough. He ended up checking and reporting other issues beyond the job scope. Highly recommend his services.
Judith White
23:32 02 Jun 23
Over several years we have been very happy with Alan who is not only professional and accomodating but also pleasant, friendly and trustworthy.He is possibly the best tradesman we have ever used.
Paola Sartorelli
08:03 02 Jun 23
Great workmanship, very reliable, competitive price. Always cleans after daily work and goes the extra mile to deliver best results. Thanks Westcork
Jacqui Chard
10:08 31 May 23
Excellent. Did a quality job after working out the best wiring solution fitting the wall charger where it was needed.
Nick Ioannou
03:28 31 May 23
Perfect installation of my Tesla charger and some additional PowerPoints. Highly recommend
Noel Turingan
09:57 25 May 23
Great experience from start to finish. Professional from obtaining a quote to final installation. Looks at the very best functional and aesthetic approach for installation. Friendly demeanour, even repaired a leak in the air conditioning pipes whilst in the roof. If you want the best installation for your Tesla charger you cannot get better than Alan and Westcork. Highly recommend.
Nathan H
15:12 23 May 23
I contacted Westcork Electrical for an EV charger to be installed. From first contact to finish, they were very responsive, informative and understanding.It's rare to find such a professional electrician as Alan. He sent out an educational video to clearly explain what is recommended for the job. Ended up upgrading the switchboard with safety features along with the Tesla wall connector install. Alan's neat finish of the job was second to none!
Ricky Soo
02:45 22 May 23
Alan was very professional to deal with. He answered all my questions. Have no issues recommending his services.
Anthony Robida
07:07 04 May 23
Very helpful in explaining what work will be done. Professional in his work.
Rakesh Kakumanu
12:54 24 Apr 23
Service was excellent.
Oliver Wu
22:04 21 Apr 23
Alan from Westcork Electrical did a fantastic job on our wall charger installation. He recommended best place and cable arrangement for the installation and we are very happy with the result. Will not hesitate to recommend to anyone needing electrical services. Thanks Alan.
Kalinko Family
21:55 20 Apr 23
Very professional and excellent service. Would highly recommend
Rebecca Main
10:10 17 Apr 23
This is our second job with Westcork. Very happy with the work performed. The dimmer switches are life changing and the fans will be wonderful next summer. Always prompt, friendly and accommodating.
Darren Curley
09:28 28 Mar 23
Alan was easy to deal with and did a great job. Very professional and responsive
Ibrahim Ahmed
04:27 25 Mar 23
If you’re looking for an electric car charger install, look no further!!Found Westcork through the Tesla website. Alan responded to my enquiry same day and was super quick and thorough with explaining the process, and running me through the install step-by-step. Westcork beat out the competition by a mile in terms of both price and timeframe. Other installers were quoting a lead time of 4-6 weeks and were coming out 20ish% higher. Alan had the install done and dusted within a week of me contacting him, and we couldn’t be happier with the service and the result!!
Melanie Wroth
23:25 22 Mar 23
Really happy. Reliable, pleasant, communicative and did exactly what I had hoped for
Zhe Tang
02:04 13 Mar 23
I appreciate the professional service Alan and his team offered to my Tesla charger installation. Their job is nice and neat. I will recommend them to my family and friends.
Annabel Johnson
01:00 11 Mar 23
Westcork were excellent. Very through in their approach and high quality work. Will use them again and highly recommended
Marc Fine
10:48 10 Mar 23
Very professional. Incredible work. Prompt, upfront and explained everything beginning to end. highly recommended.
Andrew Whelan
02:20 03 Mar 23
I had Alan from Westcork Electrical install Tesla wall mount connector and a surge protector for home.Very happy,professional and helpful, very happy to recommend there services.
Peter McKee
08:44 23 Feb 23
Good value and reliable service
Monika Tan
08:14 23 Feb 23
Alan came out to do a few jobs we had on the list such as replace our intercom, change some downlights, change an outdoor powerpoint and add some safety switches to our circuit board. He was prompt, friendly, provided a fair quote and explained everything. Job was well done, no fuss. Very happy to recommend!
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James D
10:24 29 Feb 24
Great service from Alan at Westcork Electrical installing an EV charger and surge protector. Even the initial quoting experience was pleasant. Really quick and clear communication from beginning to end and a very neat installation.
Vahdat Dastpak
07:10 27 Feb 24
I am very happy with the workmanship and quality of the work. Highly recommended.
Glenn Lieu
03:03 27 Feb 24


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