Electrical upgrades, repairs and additions Inner West Sydney

Keep up to date with our latest electrical projects around Sydney. We will be updating this regularly full of electrical projects and recent works.

Switchboard Relocation Newtown

Vicki and Richard wanted a new smart meter installed, what seems a simple job, ended up a lot more complex. See how we got the new meter installed.

LED Garden Lighting Upgrade Inner West Sydney

These old garden lights have been installed for ten or more years and have withered and gone yellow over time, we replaced them with new chrome bollards. Check out the results.

LED Track Lighting Install Inner West

These apartments used to be tramsheds, which is pretty cool. The lighting was pretty poor so we added LED track lighting to the beams to light the new home office up.

Wall Mount Samsung Smart TV Install Inner West Sydney

Cassie’s beast of a Samsung TV didn’t sit right on the coffee table in this beautifully styled inner west home in Wareemba. Placing it on the wall opened it up and topped off the living room.

Kitchen Island Pendant Light Install Marrickville

Lisa purchased a new home in Marrickville. When it was built, they didn't install any special lighting only downlights. We changed that up.

Chimney Breast TV Install Inner West

New homeowners in Glebe wanted their TV mounted on the chimney breast, a little bit tricky, but we got there! Check it out here.

Data Cables Install Inner West

Jason had very slow internet through his home, he tried WiFi extenders to no avail, we helped him speed it up by running in new data cables.

Switchboard Upgrades St. Peters

Tim recently moved up from the shire to his new home in St. Peters, He was having electrical tripping issues. See how we fixed his issue here.

Bathroom Ventilation Petersham

Robert has no bathroom ventilation in his Petersham home, having the laundry in there also didn't help with heat and steam extraction. Check out our ventilation install.

Electrical Work Ashbury

New Ashbury homeowners Brad and Alana just moved in. They wanted to improve and upgrade the electrics in their home to add their mark including new LED downlights and Upgrade the switchboard.

Home Electrical Upgrades Newtown

Larissa's home in Newtown needed some electrical upgrades including a switchboard, ceiling fan, and smoke alarms. Check it out here.

Black Ceiling Fan Install Inner West

A recently purchased house in summer hill needed an electrical upgrade. We installed black ceiling fans and upgraded the switchboard.

Heritage Wall Light Install Inner West

Our clients recently purchased this beautiful apartment and had sentimental wall lights they wanted to install. The lights were so old that we had to rewire them. Check it out here.

Garden Light Repair Inner West

Jamie had some blinking garden lights causing issues in her garden, we investigated and got them shining again.

Sentimental Light Install Inner West

Annabelle has had this light follow her through her career, it's been in five of her chambers and now it sits over her dining table in Leichhardt. We rebuilt it to LED.

New Location LED Downlights Install Inner West

We recently installed some beacon lights for Danielle in her new apartment. Once she moved in there was not much light in the dining area, we added some new LED downlights to brighten it up!

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Replacement Inner West

Mould, dust, and just plain bad steam extraction in her bathroom triggered Lisa to give us a call. We installed a roof vent and upgraded the extraction fan to get the steam out.

LED Batten Install Inner West

Does your garage have dull lighting, blown halogen lights? Check out the difference when we upgraded some simple halogen fluorescent lights to LED battens.

Switchboard Upgrade Inner West

John's switchboard in Summer Hill was in need of an upgrade. We removed the old porcelain and installed an up to date switchboard.

Switchboard Relocation Inner West

The bad weather in Sydney took its toll on Chris' mum's switchboard. Water got into the meter and blew up a portion on the switchboard and meter!

Kitchen Pendant Light Install Inner West

Tanya had some funky red pendants for many years, which she hated... we exchanged them for sleeker modern pendants.

Wall Sconce Install Rozelle

This fireplace was very bare but had a lot of heritage going for it, we lit it up with a pair of wall sconces, check it out here.

Dining Table Pendants Rozelle

This beautiful inner west home needed a little bit of character added, we hung three pendant lights over the dining table, check it out here.

Wall Mount TV Lewisham

Wall mounting this tv opened this historic building right up, we placed it over the fireplace. The results were excellent.

Intercom Install Inner West

This week we installed a wifi intercom in Balmain. We had one door station outside the gate and one internal monitor, which was also hooked to the wifi for smart usage.

Ring Smart Doorbell Installation Inner West

Nerida required a smart doorbell installed in her inner west home, one for security to be able to see who was at her door, secondly, convenience for deliveries while she's at work.

Switchboard Relocation & Upgrade Marrickville

A classic double brick single story home in the inner west suburb of Marrickville is in need of a switchboard relocation, see how we helped Isobel.

Heritage Ceiling Light Install Inner West

Back at Vince and Maja after installing the ceiling fans, they wanted further works which were a few pendant lights installed on their heritage ceilings and removal of ugly pull cords.

Ceiling Rose Fan Install Inner West

Vince and Maja have come back around, it must be two years since we were last there, they wanted to modernise their ceiling fans to DC on a ceiling rose. Mounting was interesting!

Home Office Electrical Setup Inner West

Leane, one of our existing clients has recently converted her backyard shed into a home office so she can work from home. Check it out here...

Photo of new switchboard

Vanessa was made aware of how bad her switchboard's main cables actually were when she wanted to install air conditioning they were hanging on by a thread, check it out here...

Ceiling Fan Repair Haberfield

When it's almost 40 degrees outside you really want your ceiling fan working right? Check out the link below to see how we fix it...

Under Cabinet LED Lighting Install

Have you had lights blow under your cabinet, constantly? Dull lighting? Extremely hot? Check out the link below to see how we fix it...

Pendant Light Install Inner West

Back to Greg's again in Croydon Park, after a recent switchboard upgrade and electric gate motor install we replaced some of his pendant lights with sleeker LED powered lights.

Brass Ceiling Fan Install Inner West

Coming into summer, Matt wanted to ensure he and his family were going to stay cool. Check out these brass fans we installed.

Apartment Switchboard Upgrade Concord

Christiane was carrying out renovations in her new apartment when we spotted her substandard electrical switchboard. It had fire-prone porcelain fuses and no electrocution protection. We fixed that for her...

Phillips Hue light install Inner West

Geordie is a huge Phillips Hue fan, with numerous smart lights installed inside his Croydon home, we lit up the outside with smart Phillips Hue wall and floodlights.

Garden Lights Repair Inner West

John & Gabrielle had some ongoing issues with their garden lighting. Some lights are not working, some causing tripping issues. We got out there and lit the garden up again.

Parisi Mirror Install Inner West

We've installed a lot of these beautiful mirrors for clients and stores such as Harvey Norman for they're displays. We installed these three Parisi mirrors in Five Dock.

Switchboard Relocation Dulwich Hill

Simon was wanting to install some air conditioning units to his home in Dulwich Hill Inner West Sydney. His switchboard was dated and would struggle with the additional load on the switchboard. We relocated and upgraded him to three phase.

Bathroom Steam Extraction Inner West

Danny's bathroom in his recently purchased home in Canada Bay was getting very steamy with every shower. We had a solution, install an IXL combination in there which has a heat light and fan built-in.

Heritage Light Install Inner West

Peter wanted to add some upgrades to his Balmain East home while keeping the character of the 1900 building. He opted for retro look pendants and glass bowl style lights.

Rewire Inner West Ashfield

How dangerous can going into your loft be - Very! We see a lot of homes in the inner west which are over 100 years old and still contain old cotton cabling which is dangerous and can short out easily and at any time, as Geoff found out...

Chrome LED Downlight Install Inner West

Filomina has been an excellent client of Westcork Electrical for many years. We're always doing additions to her beautiful home in Five Dock. Today we upgraded more LED downlights.

LED Downlight Install & Rewire Dulwich Hill

Sandy was putting this job on the long finger for some time. Due to Covid-19 circumstances like most of our clients, he was working from home so he wanted to get these bits done around his home and brighten the place up by upgrading his halogen downlights to LED.

Electric Hot Water Install Croydon

Our great clients in Croydon have come back again, and again. This time round we hooked up the new electric hot water system.

Switchboard Upgrade Newtown

Alex has recently moved back to his home from overseas, he required some home upgrades including a switchboard and air-con supply.

Smart LED Downlight & Feature Light Install Leichhardt

New homeowners in the inner west wanted to smarten up their lighting and add feature pendants to set off this fantastic terrace.

Switchboard Upgrade Sutherland Shire

Duncan's switchboard had seen better days, we gave it a revamp by adding safety switches and a new earthing system.

Appliance and LED Lighting Upgrade Five Dock

It's been two years but we're back at Naomi's, more LED downlights and replacing the rangehood and oven to spruce the kitchen up.

Extractor Fan Replacement Haberfield

After upgrading downlights to LED, a few days later we were back as the bathroom extractor motor failed, it all happens at once!

Emergency Electrical Fault Repair Russell Lea

Bec's entire pool pump house was tripping because the safety switch wouldn’t stay up. Meaning her pool pump, filters, and light would not work unless she ran a power cord out from the house. Check out the electrical fault we found...

Intercom Install Croydon

How annoying is not being able to know who's at your door? Especially when your intercom is broken... We can fix that. Check out the install in Croydon.

Switchboard - Fuse box Upgrades Inner west

We've been going quite a few switchboard upgrades of late. Here are a few changeovers from porcelain to safety switches and replacing the enclosure.

Apartment Electrical Renovation Haberfield

When this young couple purchased this apartment, they wanted big changes, new kitchen, bathroom, living electrical refurb, and more...

Office LED Lighting Upgrade Haberfield

This cosy inner west office was very dull, previously a living room many years ago, these pendant lights had to go, we upgraded to LED battens. The results were amazing!

Home electrical upgrades Drummoyne

Alex has just purchased this home, like most older inner west homes it needed a little electrical TLC, we added power point and exchanged lights to spruce the place up.

NBN Cable Install Inner West Sydney

Filomena has been a fantastic client of ours, we've been serving her beautiful Five dock home for many years now. This time round Filomena needed cabling for her new NBN connection.

Ring Camera CCTV Install Croydon

Suzanne wanted some added security around her Croydon home for peace of mind, what better way then having a light and camera in one, straight to your smart device.

Switchboard Upgrade Summer Hill

Jeff has been a client of Westcork Electrical with years, recently selling his Lidcome home and moving into this property in Summer Hill, he needed some electrical upgrades, including a switchboard upgrade.

Electric Hot Water Repair Inner West Sydney

Evan, has no luck with hot water tanks, this is the second property he has had fail recently, luckily we got him up and running again quickly.

Heritage Ceiling Fan Install Newtown

Kim lives in a very elderly building in Darlinghurst, he claims one of the oldest building complexes. The ceilings are original, check out how we had to install this ceiling fan.

LED Strip Light Install Balmain East

Laura after installing a new laundry wanted to ensure her work area was well lit so we installed an LED strip light under her bench.

Lighting Circuit Rewire Rozelle

Chris ran into trouble when the bad weather caused his lights circuit to trip! We respond to this electrical emergency on Sunday and uncovered cotton cabling!

LED Track Light Install Annandale

Lucy had her kitchen renovated recently by a builder, it was missing the final touch, the lighting. We removed the old dull light fitting an installed this LED track light fitting to brighten the kitchen up.

IXL Bathroom Light, Heat, Fan Install Leichhardt

Simon, just after buying this property in Leichhardt, wanted to spruce up this heritage ceiling in the bathroom. It only had a strange (poor) mirror light and nothing on the ceiling! We added an IXL to give him a LED light, Heat function and fan extraction all in one...

Electric Gate Motor Install Croydon

Vicky was getting sick of having to get out of her car to open her gate, drive through, get out again and shut it. Not any more!

Now Vicky can simply press a button on her key fob and the gate will open and automatically close. See how we installed her electric gate motor...

Under Cabinet Lights Hurlstone Park

Steve had some dull under cabinet lighting in his kitchen, we replaced the faulty lights and drivers with new LED fittings. He now has brighter efficient lighting for his kitchen.

Apartment Switchboard Upgrade Balmain

Cynthia had noticed her apartment she moved into had a rather old looking switchboard, being concerned she contacted us and she was right. It was well outdated with no safety switches so we fully upgraded the switchboard

Intercom Install Inner West

Our Strathfield clients needed to open their gate remotely, by that we mean anywhere in the world...We installed this smart intercom that solved their problems.

Smoke Alarm Install Marrickville

Julie was getting a switchboard relocation and upgrade in her elderly home. When we were performing the necessary tests we noticed she had no smoke alarms installed in her home.

Not only is this super dangerous, it may void your home insurance in the event of a fire!!!

Ceiling Fan Install Summer Hill

Ceiling fan install in Summer Hill. Summer is coming and Susan needed fans installed. Check out the fans below.

Electrician Five Dock | Switchboard Upgrade

Helen's switchboard was well overdue in Five Dock, Check out how we sorted her problem out...

Light install Five Dock | Electrician Five Dock

We brightened up this front porch in Five Dock with heritage light fittings. Check out the link below to see the details...

Jenna & Chris wanted to brighten up their apartment but were limited by a concrete ceiling... see how we got around it...

We installed 21 downlights in this Ashbury home along with 3 dimmers. What a difference they make.

Power point install Ashfield

Never have enough power points? We can help with that.

Winter is here... Nothing beats an outdoor heater to keep you warm. Check out the details on the link.

Switchbard upgrade croydon

On Saturday we had an emergency call out to an elderly lady's apartment in Croydon park to attend a power failure.  

It turned out Jan's fridge was causing the (only) RCD to do its job and trip! We didn't want to leave Jan's fridge and freezer full of food go to waste so using an electrical hack (cards close to our chest!!)... We got it going again and yes on the safety switch...

The tenants were concerned for their safety with this monstrosity right outside their front door. Chris and Andrew (Trusty Legend Clients) gave us a call to sort this out and make it safer. We ripped it apart and re built it... Check it out

Steve wanted to brighten up his apartment with some downlights. His issue was a concrete ceiling which we couldn't drill and recess the lights. Have a look how he dropped the ceiling to make this work...

A solar upgrade to this home in Hurlstone Park required the switchboard to be relocated to the side out the house, away from the front door. Click below to read the full story...

A number of burglaries in the inner west suburb of Petersham was the reason for this client installing this simple, very smart Light/CCTV combo. It can send live alerts and footage straight to your smart phone wherever you are!

What started out as a fault find from a burning smell from cable behind the wall turned into a discovery of nests of unsafe, substandard electrical shock and fire hazards waiting to happen...

Home rewire | Inner West Sydney

The aftermath in Croydon, more dodgy items found, new cables run in, complete meter box and switchboard relocation, new extractor fans and more!

Summer hill heated rail

This owner wanted a few electrical changes in his new apartment, one being a new heated towel rail installed in his bathroom...

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