LED Track Light Install - Annandale

Lucy had her kitchen renovated recently by a builder in her Annandale apartment, it was missing the final touch, the lighting. We removed the old dull light fitting an installed this LED track light fitting to brighten the kitchen up.

How did we install the track light?

The ceiling was concrete which actually threw a spanner in the works, with these track lights cable entry is at the end! These old building have the cables coming out in the ceiling in the centre, which is normal, however, being a concrete ceiling we could not move the, without busting open the ceiling. The kitchen worked out well, the living room not so much!

We came up with a solution of putting the light tracks back to back and cutting them to suit, thus allowing cable entry from the centre. That's to be done, stay tuned for an update.

We measured and lasered up the ceiling to ensure the fitting was straight! The lights turned out great.

What i love about these lights is you can just clip them on/off and point them in any direction you wish depending on the track length. Simple but effective!

Job Complete - New LED track light installed

Lucy's kitchen is now well lit and most importantly its energy efficient.

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