Heritage Ceiling Light Install - Inner West

Pendant light install on heritage ceiling rose

Back at Vince and Maja after installing the ceiling fans, they wanted further works which were a few pendant lights installed on their heritage ceilings and removal of ugly pull cords.

There were two light fittings which we removed, rewired and installed some new ones, we replaced an old bayonet fitting with an LED downlight for better spread.

We also removed the ugly pull cords and swapped them out for some smart Bluetooth switches which saved them from destroying the original walls and ceiling cornice, they use a watch battery so are very easy to replace in a few years should they fail. They can also dim and be paired to your phone to set timers or act as a security light.

Hidden dangerous wiring

While we were in the roof space we also spotted some old rubber cabling in need of a rewire which was breaking down, see images below. This may work fine, but if it's altered or cables are added to it, it starts to break down - as seen on the image with volt stick, it's started to break down. We will be doing a rewire of this cable very soon.

Job Complete - Heritage ceiling light Installed

Vince and Maja were very happy! The heritage ceiling lights look fantastic as it enhances the vibe in their home.

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