Black Ceiling Fan Install - Inner West

Black ceiling fan install

Jo opted for black ceiling fans which complemented the ceiling very well. We unboxed and assembled the fans, unlike others these came in many, many pieces.

Two of the five fans had a ceiling rose on the ceiling so we had to use a ceiling fan T-hook to secure them to the ceiling. Luckily the wall had a cavity so we were able to install the isolation switch for the fans on the outer walls.

Jo also had a few unprotected circuits at her electrical switchboard which we placed on safety switches to bring her new home up to electrical standards.

Bathroom exhaust fan replacement

The bathroom can be a bit of a previous owner DIY, it was giving extremely poor ventilation even though there is a whirlybird installed on top, like a previous project we had completed.

Once we pulled the old fan down we found that it was a side vent unit so all the air was just pressing against the timber and not up... that's a little bit silly!

Removing the old fan we installed a top exit fan and this gave awesome airflow out and extraction.

Job Complete - Black Ceiling Fan Installed and Bathroom Exhaust Fan Replaced

Jo was very satisfied as it really helps cool down their home during the hot season.

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