Wall Mount TV - Lewisham

TV Wall mount inner west

This building we were told used to be an old hospital, each apartment is different and as quirky as the next.

Theresa had her TV mounted on a timber shelving unit on the entrance of the apartment, in front of that was a couch taking up some space then the dining table, all hogging space. By relocating the TV to mount it to above the fireplace it totally transformed the room, spreading the couch along the wall it gave more space for her daughter's "dance studio" and to view ABC kids.

We added a power point and TV aerial to the attic, luckily we fished the cables up the redundant chimney!!

Job Complete - Wall TV Mounted

Theresa was very happy as she can save the floor space for her daughter and most importantly it lifts the screen up to where the whole room can easily see it.

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