Switchboard Upgrade - Newtown

Home electrics upgrade inner west

Alex has recently moved back to his home from overseas, being away for a while the home had some electrical wear and tear. he required some home upgrades including a switchboard upgrade and air-con supply.

Switchboard Upgrade

This particular switchboard has the hallmarks of several electricians having added bits over the years, not to mind solar being added at some stage! It was a mess!

We removed all the old garbage, installed the switchboard at a better height, and placed all the individual circuits on safety switches in a nice new enclosure.

Surge protection install

It's becoming all too common people getting electrical surges through the power lines and ruining appliances, TV's, laptops and other electrical equipment. We installed a 40KA surge protector with circuit protection to ensure all of Alex's electronics are safe from any electrical surges.

Aircon Supply

Due to the install of a new air conditioning unit in the coming weeks, we had the task of getting the supply cable from the switchboard under this Newtown terrace house, right back to the rear of the house. Luckily with some electrical trickery and fishing skills, we got it through the tight space! We conduited where it exited the house and placed the isolator on the roof, ready for the air-con install.

Job Complete - Switchboard upgraded and Air-con supply cable installed

Alex was very happy now that his switchboard is up to date with safety switches to protect his electronics and an aircon supply cable ready for his new air conditioning unit.

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