Lighting Circuit Rewire - Rozelle

Chris ran into trouble when the bad weather caused his lights circuit to trip! We respond to this electrical emergency on Sunday and uncovered cotton cabling!Have a look at the state of the wiring on these switches and lights.

What electrical issues did we uncover?

While getting Chris’ lighting issue sorted we uncovered some nasty cables.

The original cables, nearly 100 years old were still in place for the lights, this cable is very brittle and has insulation made of cotton, when bent or altered it is likely to snap.

See the images below, one was wired in speaker wire suitable for 12v not 240v and who ever hung the kitchen light fitting decided to wrap the cotton with insulating tape. Very substandard electrical work.

The light rewire

After alerting Chris of the dangers and showing him what condition the cables were in. He agreed to rewire the light circuit as if was the safer option and place it on a safety switch for added electrical shock safety.

We started by removing all the lights and switches and stripping out the cables. Some of what we uncovered was shocking. One light was wired in speaker wire, a big no-no!

Rewire in action

Luckily we had roof space for access and the switches had conduits running from the ceiling down so getting new switch cables wasn’t too tricky. We could also stand up, always a bonus on the back!

After a mammoth day, we managed to completely rewire the entire light circuit and switch to make the home a safer place.

We installed new fans in place of the old fittings in the bedroom and living. The other fittings were replaced with heritage style pendants to suit the ceiling.

Job Complete - Lighting circuit rewired

Chris's lights are now rewired and safe for him and his family. All cotton cables removed and disposed of. When the lights were removed and new lights installed they also took advantage of this rewire to install ceiling fans, the timber look was awesome and suited the apartment really well.

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