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Electrical upgrades in Ashbury

We started with the downlights, we removed 27 old halogen downlights and installed LED downlights on dimmers. We found some crazy things in the roof space, check out the halogen driver we pulled out that caught fire here on our electrical safety page. The lights were embedded into the insulation and heating to in excess of 200 degrees.

Next up was the electrical switchboard or fuse box as some call it. We took out the old circuit breakers and installed all new safety switches on each circuit when upgrading the switchboard. To add to this the home was reliant on a water bond (earth) so we installed an independent earth steak next to the switchboard.

The final part of the job that we bought up to standard was installing two interconnected (when one triggers the other will trigger) smoke alarms, one in the living room and the other by the bedrooms, last but not least was relocating and installing a new TV antenna point to suit the new lounge layout.

Job Complete - Home electrics upgraded

Brad and Alana were very satisfied with all the new home electrical upgrades. Their home is now protected from fire hazards, trips and other electrical problems.

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