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Cotton cable rewire

How dangerous can going into your loft be - Very! We see a lot of homes in the inner west which are over 100 years old and still contain old cotton cabling which is dangerous and can short out easily and at any time, as Geoff found out...

Geoff was after replacing his roof and was doing a little bit of tidy up in his attic, one wrong foot ended up on a steel conduit containing the original cabling for the light circuit, it put pressure on the conduit and bent the conduit. The cables are so frail once bent exposed live conductors and shorted out inside the piping.

Luckily the metal conduit had an earth on it, otherwise, the pipe could have become live and things could have been a lot worse.

Light rewire

This home had been partially rewired in the past, for some reason they left three lights and light switches. We disconnected all the old cotton cables and removed all the piping from the loft space.

We removed the light switches and light fittings and replaced all the cables, then reassembled it all again.

Switchboard safety switch install

After noticing the light circuit also was not protected by a safety switch, we upgraded all the circuits to RCBO's to bring the switchboard up to standard.

Job Complete - Cable, light rewired and switchboard safety switch installed

Geoff was very happy and felt safe. His cables and lights are now rewired, and additional safety switches to protect his electronics.

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