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Ceiling rose fan installation

Vince and Maja have come back around, it must be two years since we were last there, they wanted to modernise their ceiling fans to DC on a ceiling rose. Mounting was interesting!

We had to do a bit of investigating into how we could go about doing this on what looks to be the original ceiling rose, even in the roof pace the old gas plumbing was present above each light, however, capped off many years ago.

How did we mount the fan on the ceiling rose?

Firstly we took down the old heavy unit which was installed on a hook and bushing system - very wobbly, common to be seen these days still in old homes!

Then we installed a T Hook unit, which pushes up through the ceiling rose and through a pre drilled timber support, which pulls it up to the ceiling by tightening the threaded bar, simple but so useful.

After that, we assembled the numerous pieces of fan together and secured it to the T Hook bracket and away it went! Very powerful with low energy usage with an LED light to boot.

Job Complete - Ceiling rose fan Installed

Vince and Maja were very satisfied as it really helps cool down their home during hot season.

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