Additional Power Point Install - Ashfield

Power Point Install - Inner West

Today we installed some additional power points at Ian's in Ashfield. It ended up a lot trickier than anticipated!

The tricky one was the hidden power point on the kitchen island.  

Above is the location we needed to get the power point to, hidden on the top right corner. The issue we have is, we've been told the space under the floor is limited and may be a little tight to get get under.

Good times, We took a look under the floor. The Kitchen island is in the room next door there is a brick wall in between but we are hoping we can sneak rods through and fish it to here.

Crawling in commando style, even having to breath out to get under the next joist - wayyy to tight not happening!!

Plan B - hit and hope!

Luckily there is a power point practically in line with the island where we have drilled for the power point. After drilling both sides down through the concrete and brick, there is only about 100mm of play under the floor along with rubble.  

The inside of the island cabinet.

We have drilled a 25mm cable hole down at an angle to avoid the underfloor heating mat. We tried a yellow tongue and string line to attempt to fish it out, no joy!

Next up specialist tool - inspection camera. Without this we wouldn't have been able to find the string line and fish it out. Awesome bit of kit, saved the day.

Finished, cut and recessed into the timber panel. Very tricky power points to install but with persistence we got there!

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