Wall Mount Samsung Smart TV Install - Inner West Sydney

Samsung Smart TV Wall Mounting

For starters, I hate the ‘special’ mount bracket Samsung tries to sell you, forget it, throw it in the bin - red hot tip!

The Samsung special TV bracket in my opinion is a silly design. It has individual mounting pieces, and if any bit is out, it throws the whole TV off. Not only that, you must get a solid mount on each, which is not always possible, especially if it’s on gyprock.

What do we use? Just an everyday flat run of the mill generic bracket. At the rear there are 4 x holes, we install our frame to that, then it sits neatly onto the sliding bracket. We actually had the bracket off centre at the rear so we got 4 solid fixings into solid timber. Once we hooked on TV, we were able to then slide to the centre of the wall.

The TV came with only one lead which had power, HDMI, etc so no need for a power point behind the TV we fished that through that wall with two bullnose entry points to keep it super neat.

Job Complete - Wall Mount Samsung TV Installed

Cassie was very happy! The TV location is perfect, has an optimal viewing angle and looks sleek and clean without the visible wires.

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