IXL Bathroom Light, Heat, Fan Install - Leichhardt

Simon, just after buying this property in Leichhardt, wanted to spruce up this heritage ceiling in the bathroom. It only had a strange (poor) mirror light and nothing on the ceiling! We added an IXL to give him a LED light, Heat function and fan extraction all in one...

What did we do?

We removed the old bazaar light fitting above the sink, disconnected it in the roof and made safe. Then measured up and lasered the ceiling to ensure we have the correct measurements. (measure twice, cut once!).

Not without a hitch...the center of the feature ceiling had a timber beam running through, this had to go! We cut some timbers and reinforced the timber on top, then cut out the square.

The next obstacle - the light switch!

The existing switch was located on a skinny bit of the timber on the door frame, the cables were run through an existing piece of the original wiring containment steel conduit, luckily we got the additional three cables up these for the new functions! The new switch was a standard size and wouldn't fit there, we decided to drill through and fit it on the exterior, this worked a treat.

Job complete - New IXL bathroom light, heat, fan Installed!

Simon's bathroom is now well lit and ventilated with just one switch.

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