Sentimental Light Install - Inner West

Light Location

Annabelle wanted to install this fitting over her new dining table, the location where it was to be installed was quite difficult to get a switched power feed there. Installing toggle anchors into the ceiling we were able to suspend it from the ceiling on the adjustable cords.

Halogen to LED rebuild

We stripped out all the old internals which had 2 x 36 watts fluorescent light tubes and 4 x 50 watts halogen globes, stripping out all the wiring and connections and converting them to LED lights took the total wattage down from 274 watts to 56 watts. Not only will this bring the running costs down but also reduce the nasty heat they would be emitting, especially in summer.

How did we switch it?

We opted to use smart Bluetooth technology to smart switch these so we used two devices in the ceiling and remote wall switches to switch and dim the lights.

Job Complete - Sentimental Light Installed

Annabelle was really happy how it all turned out. Her dining area is now well lit and extremely energy efficient.

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