Wall & Ceiling Heater Install - Balmain

Winter is coming...

This week we installed two wall mounted heaters for a client in their pergola area in Balmain.

These heaters are awesome for those cold afternoons when your relaxing or better again entertaining guests.

They give off excellent heat to beat the winter chill!

For this install we just had some simple on/off style 'Brilliant' heaters, controlled by a wall isolation switch.

Each heater was neary 10 amps, so if you are thinking of installing some heaters indoor or outdoor, you're most likely going to need to run a new circuit from the switchboard to the area you want them.

The cable was run via the suspended ceiling in the living room, we were lucky the the switchboard was right around the corner, making it easy to run for that additional circuit.

We ran a 20A circuit which was more than sufficient for these 2400w heaters.

Types of outdoor heaters

There are many types of outdoor heaters, ceiling mounted, wall mounted, remote control, 2400w - 3200w etc out there. If you have any queries drop us a line.

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