New Location LED Downlights Install - Inner West

LED downlight install

We recently installed a few pendants and oyster lights from beacon lighting for Danielle in her new apartment. Once she moved in there was not much light in the dining area, it was a dropped ceiling, where the living went right up to the pitch of the roof.

After some investigating, we realized we could sneak a cable through the ceiling and install the LED downlights into the dark area.

Smart switch install

Not wanting to destroy her new walls and run cables about we opted to use a smart switch, we placed a Bluetooth device in the ceiling and were able to switch and dim the lights from the remote switch, also from Danielle's phone.

The lights lit the area so well with the ability to dim to set ambiance over dinner.

Job Complete - LED Downlights Installed

As expected, Danielle was very happy with the result. Her dining area is now well lit.

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