LED Strip Light Install - Balmain East

Laura, after installing a new laundry wanted to ensure her work top area is well lit so we installed an LED strip light under her bench.

To start, we prewired it while the new cabinets were going in, some choose to have the driver in the cabinet but we choose to have it behind the closest LED downlight in the ceiling. This gives more space in the cupboards and hides all the cables.

LED's use very minimal low voltage to operate so we run a slim speaker wire to the location of the LED strip and from there we solder the connections to the strip.

How did we install the LED strip?

This particular LED strip was encased in an aluminium channel. Once the cabinet was installed the kitchen fitters poked the cable out the corner under the cabinet and from there we measured the channel and cut it to suit, we then cut the strip, soldered it and we were set. All the cabling was run to the closest LED downlight and plugged into a plug base in the ceiling, this is essentially a power point installed in the ceiling.

LED strip switch

Laura has these crazy Legrand switches made for this laundry renovation. We had a custom "bench" switch made... to avoid any confusion.

LED strip installed

These LED strips give off such good light for the usage. Pre LED there would have been some form of halogen lighting casting shadows and using excessive power. This strip is only using approx 10 watts of energy and lighting up the bench top.

Job Complete - New LED strip light installed

Laura is happy with the result.

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