Kitchen under counter LED Lighting - Hurlstone Park

This week we visited a home in Hurlstone Park. They had some under cabinet lighting which had failed over time, along with a family of cockroaches nesting on the warmth of the old halogen drivers. We replaced out the under cabinet lights with a brighter efficient LED system which gave off great light spread.

Before we started, this was the condition of the existing lights under the cabinets in the kitchen, only the single light in the corner was working!

Cabinet lighting wiring

It's always a mystery where the original electrician has left the driver for the cabinet lights. Luckily these cabinets had a false floor system so we were able to lift that up and there they were, thankfully.

Finished result

Lights are wired up and going. Far brighter, and will certainly last a lot longer! These LED lights recess into the cabinet making them look very sleek, with a white stylish finish.

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