TV Wall Mount - Dulwich Hill

TV Wall mount with a soundbar

We've previously upgraded Sandy's downlights to LED, this time we wall mounted his new smart TV with a soundbar.

This job was very deceptive, when we looked at the job with Sandy we knocked on the wall and it sounded hollow, it wasn't until we went to cut the gyprock we were treated with brick beneath. Not the end of the world, at least it was double brick so we could fish through the cavity.

Planning was key here, what was going to pop out where when the TV was installed on the bracket and would it sit back to the surface! Just like our other TV install, we refused to use the LG TV bracket as like Samsung they don't make it installer-friendly.

For the data cables, we pulled the TV antenna through along with 4 x HDMI, once for the soundbar and the others for misc items like PlayStation to plug into, after all the TV was now smart so no need for any other boxes like Optus. All now streamed with technology.

We fished the cables around the walls and placed power points where needed. The finished product was great.

Job Complete - TV Wall Mount Installed

Sandy was very happy with the TV location. It gives his entertainment area a cleaner and less cluttered atmosphere.

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