Data cabling installed for better connection - Leichhardt

Data points and cable install

Jason had very slow internet through his home, he tried WiFi extenders to no avail, we helped him speed it up by running in new data cables.

There was luckily access (very tight) under the floor of Jason's new Leichhardt home! We have to also re-route the main NBN connection as it was bodged in (typical install) along his water pipes and laying on the ground, we moved the main connection and router to the front room where the new home office is situated, therefore the ability to plug right into the modem, from there we drilled through the skirting boards, passed cat 6 cables down under, and ran to the respective rooms. fitting off a data port and power point  to plug devices into in each room has an excellent direct hard connection to the NBN connection. The results is speedy interconnection straight to Jason's computer.

The under access was super tight but we still managed to clip the cables neatly.

Job Complete - Data Cables Installed

Jason was very satisfied with the result. His internet connection is now more reliable and much faster.

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