Extractor Fan Replacement - Haberfield

Failed bathroom extractor fan

After upgrading downlights to LED, a few days later we were back as the bathroom extractor motor failed, it all happens at once!

We tested the bathroom IXL, on this occasion, it was a Tastic, luckily they have an inline fan system so we didn't have to replace the entire unit which is quite expensive.

Why did the IXL extractor motor fail?

Over time, wear and tear take their toll on the motor. We powered up, jumped up into the roof space to find the fan was just humming and not spinning the extractor blades.

After carrying out some testing we found the motor had called it a day!

How did we repair the extractor fan?

The repair was relatively easy we disconnected the hard-wired fan, installed a power point in the roof space - we have done this as it will make it easier in the future should it fail in a few years again, then mounted the fan and duct-taped up to secure the airflow.

We tested the fan again and all was working.

TIP - To test the quality of your bathroom extractor by placing a sheet of toilet paper up to it, it should hold it up with ease, if not something is wrong or the extractor fan is not performing correctly!

Job Complete - Extractor Fan Replaced

Client is very happy with the result and his home is now well ventilated.

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