Bathroom Extraction Install - Marrickville

Bathroom exhaust fan install Marrickville

This apartment was recently renovated and the previous owners never installed an exhaust fan in this bathroom, while up on the roof, there was evidence there was a previous 250mm fan installed, as we could see the cut out in the gyprock. During the renovation they put a new ceiling up.

The biggest hurdle with this was making sure we could get an additional switch installed so the client could turn it on and off as they please, not have it buzzing when using the bathroom in the middle of the night.

For this install, we have two options, a direct ceiling mount fan which would disperse into the roof space, and an inline fan - which we went with.

To install the inline exhaust fan we first measured up the vent and made sure no timber was in the way, placing it here directly above the shower made sure we get the best extraction. As seen in the pictures we mounted the inline motor from the trusses, thus not allowing any vibrations to echo into the bathroom. We then attached ducting to the vent and outside, where we were able to vent out the cavity and through a breeze brick.

We also took the client through the new rule changes from 2018 and they opted to replace three of the circuit breakers with safety switches to bring the switchboard up to current AS3000 wiring rules.

Job Complete - Bathroom Extractor Fan Installed

Roshan was very satisfied with the great extraction! It significantly reduced the steam and bathroom odours.

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