LED Garden Lighting Upgrade - Inner West Sydney

LED garden lighting upgrade

These old bollard lights have started to deteriorate over the years, the black bollards now grey and flakey, the light defuser had been hammered by the sun and large high wattage globes for many years and gone yellow on all seven garden lights. Not to mind the rate the globes were actually blowing. Time for a change!

To install the garden lights we had to remove the old ones, the old lights were cemented into the ground and were a more oval shape, whereas the new ones are round, which left a little gap around the new lights.

Out with the grinder! We had to literally cut each one out of the ground by slicing between the metal and concrete, this was probably the trickiest part, getting in around the bushes.

Once the old was removed it was plain sailing. We assembled the new LED bollard lights, secured them to the ground, wired them up in a junction box and levelled them up. For good measure, we refilled the base with concrete to sturdy the lights.

Job Complete - LED Garden Lights Upgraded

Client was very satisfied with the result! The garden is now well lit and most importantly its energy efficient.

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