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Wall sconce lights install

This fireplace was very bare but had a lot of heritage going for it, we lit it up with a pair of wall sconces, we had to somehow, get the cables up the wall and add a dimmer switch on them.

Retrofitting the wall sconce

We decided the best position for these lights was midway up between the mantelpiece and the top of the mirror, after getting the measurements, we checked out the best option to get the cables to the roof.

Drilling two holes we managed to tongue the cable up the cavity and into the roof space, from there we found the local feed that was powering the led downlights and tapped into that.

While in the roof space we discovered that at some stage there was an electrical fire and partial rewire which went right through the timber joist, it had been repaired but the client had no idea, we don't blame them for not wanting to get into the roof space!!!

Getting a switch to turn them on was interesting, we couldn't get up the existing wall switch for the led downlights as it was rendered into the concrete, the client wanted the switch to be extremely discrete so we hit it behind a curtain where it went under the radar, we also drilled and fished the cable up the cavity neatly to marry up with the rest for the cables..

We also fit three dining table pendants for this client, you can see the project here - Dining table pendant install.Check out the before and after pictures of the wall sconce install below.

Job Complete - Wall sconce installed

Client was very satisfied with the result. The fireplace is now lit up and created an elegant look of their home.

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