Home Electrical Upgrades - Newtown

Home electrical upgrades

Larissa's home in Newtown needed some electrical upgrades including a switchboard, ceiling fan, and smoke alarms.

Switchboard upgrade

Larissa's switchboard was just like her mum's place in Balmain, only partial safety switch protection so we ripped out the old nasty and installed all new individual safety switches to bring the switchboard up to standard, also installing a new water pipe and main earth. We took a before test of the earth resistance to the water pipe and we got a reading of 0.69, the minimal acceptable resistance is 0.5. Once the new earthing system was installed we got down to 0.21 - very happy!!

While installing the ceiling fan we noticed the smoke alarm was not only expired but the battery was dead, so we installed two hard-wired smoke alarms with RF interconnection, this means if one triggers it will set the other off using an RF signal, no cable needed - pretty crazy technology.

The ceiling fan was tricky to get a cable to, it was a flat roof, so no access, using some technique and drilling at an angle we were able to pull and fish a cable across to a local light fitting and get a supply. The DC Fan worked excellently in that space.

Job Complete - Switchboard upgraded, Ceiling Fan,  Smoke Alarms and New Earthing System installed

Larissa was very satisfied with all her new home electrical upgrades. Her home is now protected from fire hazards, trips and other electrical problems.

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