Chimney Breast TV Install - Inner West

Chimney mounted TV

The chimney was redundant and blocked off for many years in this inner west home, so luckily we could fish cables through the internals, the main thing was the ability to get the antenna cables and power behind the TV. The existing antenna was dated and had an intermittent signal - which is very annoying.

Running the cables was tight, there was an access panel under the carpet next to the fireplace, the run was about 20 meters under the floor for the antenna and Foxtel, once we got outside we had to conduit externally to the new areal which we installed a lot lower (see pics) yet had full signal!

The TV of choice was a Samsung, which has a bulky HDMI control box, the cable that came with was not long enough to reach the TV so we decided to run 3 x HDMI to a port on the skirting board and hid the control box behind the TV. It all worked out excellently in the end!!

Job Complete - Chimney Breast TV Installed

Client was very happy! The TV location is perfect, has an optimal viewing angle and solid signal. Also, the TV looks sleek and clean without the visible wires.

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