Heritage Wall Light Install - Inner West Sydney

Jenny & Matthew have been in this heritage house in five dock now for a few years. They wanted to brighten up the outside porch, give it some character, while looking original. Jenny Picked out some fantastic light features for the wall.

Here's how we went about installing the wall lights.

Before, Just a plane wall no lights, only one under the door on the way in.

Next up, we made some templates to get the correct heights and positioning for the best look. We opted to keep the heritage lights in line with the timber frame under the window frame.

We measured up and drilled out holes through the brick. We got very lucky with the cavity and we able to fish cables up and down - this made lift a lot easier. Once we pulled the cables into the attic, we junctioned the front lights to the front door light and also placed a motion detection sensor by the door so you don't have to fumble over your self searching for the door lock!!

The image above is a yellow tongue poking it's head up in the attic, ready for cables to be attached to pull down - only an electrician will know this satisfying feeling of getting into the roof space and seeing that up there, it can be a nightmare!!!

There was a two week wait on the lights as they arrived from overseas. In the meantime we placed 2 x junction boxes over the cables to keep it looking neat until we returned to Five Dock to fit off.

Flash forward 2 weeks - Lights installed at Five Dock! They look fantastic and again very happy clients.

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