Heritage Light Install - Inner West

Heritage lights install inner west

Peter wanted to add some upgrades to his Balmain East home while keeping the character of the 1900 building. He opted for retro look pendants and glass bowl style lights.

It began with removing the old basic style pendant lights and making safe on our first visit. Peter then removed the existing ceiling rose' and went on to install four new ones, two for the living room lights and two for the hallway lights.

Once these ceiling rose were installed we returned to install the new pendant lights. These turned out really well.

New location pendant light

The hallway originally only had one light, and it's a lengthy hallway! We took a supply from the existing light and cabled to the new ceiling rose that was installed and powered it up.

It gave a great light spread!

Smoke alarm replacement

Peter's smoke alarms were also 10 years old, we replaced those also and he was fully compliant.

Job Complete - Heritage light installed and smoke alarm replaced.

Peter was really happy! The heritage lights look fantastic and it enhanced the vibe in his house.

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