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Intercom Issue

How annoying is not being able to know who's at your door? Especially when your intercom is broken... We can fix that. Check out the install in Croydon.

David's intercom had been out for a few months now and time took its toll. He gave us a call and we were able to source and install a new intercom.

Why was the intercom not working?

We started to investigate why the intercom was broken, we removed the units and found the cables to be fine, the old indoor phone style monitor we feel had seen better days, along with the driver working intermittently.

Installing the intercom

Never without a hitch, we presumed the previous electrician would have left the driver in an obvious place... nope!

We were left with a figure 8 cable to supply power to the new driver, this was no good! Luckily there was a power point under the intercom monitor to take power from for the the unit. Able to fish a cable to the power point we had to (very clever) hide the driver somewhere! The building was brick veneer so the driver can be seen on another smart intercom install we carried out in Strathfield. To hide the driver we removed a painting, cut a little plate out, hid the driver and power source in the wall, and put the painting back over it. You would never know it was there.

Installing the intercom door station

This was pretty straight forward we just had to remove the old unit, rewire, and remount the new door station monitor.

Job Complete - Intercom installed

David's house is now secured and he can easily see who is at the front door or gate.

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