Electrical Rewire - Croydon

What have we been up to in the last week? Keep scrolling to find out!

Post rewire of this home which we found dangerous sub standard cabling and fixtures in Croydon.

Incase you missed it you can find Part 1 of this Inner West Rewire click HERE

Cavity demo sawed out ready for switchboard relocation. support bar inserted to take the weight and add support.

Meter box placed into the cavity and secured.

New consumer main, sub circuits and earthing run to the meter box and and switchboard.

Terminated, fit off and meter relocation to new meter box. sealed and labeled. All new circuits protected by individual safety switches.

What did we find???

We though it was bad enough from the outside but once we started rewiring, and ripping out the old cables and fixtures, it got worse! Loose connections, connector blocks on cotton to vir to good cables, an absolute mess. In some of the pictures you will see some examples.

This was the bathroom exhaust fan... It's seen better days!

Time to replace it. We changed it for a shiny new clipsal 250mm cut out, which was well overdue!

Power point with EXPOSED LIVE COPPER on the switch.

Cracked cabling from over heating or pushing the limits of the cable.

Deteriorating VIR cabling at the switchboard, literally crumbling away!


Be safe out there! We have replaced this dodgy wiring, if you have any cotton cable or VIR  in your home, reach out and we can let you know if it is dangerous. We're here to help.

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