Chrome LED Downlight Install - Inner West

LED Downlight upgrade

Filomina has been an excellent client of Westcork Electrical for many years. We're always doing additions to her beautiful home in Five Dock. Today we upgraded more LED downlights.

It's pretty rare we install these chrome led downlights, the reason we went with chrome on this install is the house already had maybe one hundred or more chrome halogen lights installed, so we stuck to that theme!

I really like and rate these lights, I think they set the ceiling off really well! We've done so many in this house that the owners have said they have actually seen a drop in the electricity bill due to these units being 13 watts and the previous 50 watts, that's almost an 80% saving!

Check out the image with the circles Green is the LED and Red the Halogen, the LED has a 20 degree light spread so it gives an even spread. The halogen angel at 90 degrees so it casts more of a shadow and and gives a cone style light.

Exhaust fan replacement

While we were there Finomina told us the bathroom exhaust fan stopped working!

The unit was an IXL Tastic (heat, light, fan), these are a tricky unit to install and also have a separate inline fan which makes replacing the unit interesting.

We took the unit cover off and pulled it down, sure enough after testing the motor it was stuffed! We removed the ducting and fan from the ceiling space and installed a replacement. This done the trick and the bathroom was ventilated again.

Job Complete - LED Downlight upgraded and Exhaust fan replaced

As expected, Filomina was very happy with the lights upgrade and most importantly the significant changed in her electric bill.

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