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Switchboard Upgrade - Summer Hill

This weeks featured electrical project

Apartment electrical upgrades

Jeff has been a client of Westcork Electrical with years, recently selling his Lidcome home and moving into this property in Summer Hill, he needed some electrical upgrades, including a switchboard upgrade.

The main reason behind the switchboard upgrade was Jeff was getting aircon installed on the balcony, which required a new additional power circuit.

The switchboard upgrade

As always ripping this switchboard apart showed us just how dangerous these old switchboards. Here are some of the issues we found:

  1. At one stage the hot water fuse had arced and burnt out so badly it nearly started a fire, you can see from the original switchboard there was an individual circuit breaker on the far right.
  2. The fuse size was incorrect, we found a 32A plug in fuse plugged into a 16 amp fuse carrier (green circle), why is this so dangerous? Basically, the fuse is there to protect the cable, because the fuse is double what the cable is supposed to be protected by it puts pressure on the cables and can cause them to burn out or start a fire.
Switchboard Upgrade Summer Hill
Switchboard Upgrade Summer Hill

For the new switchboard we installed all new individual RCD's also known as RCBO's. The reason for this is if one circuit trips it won't bring down the other circuits like the way most older homes that had an individual RCD installed.

Switchboard Upgrade Summer Hill

Added Surge Protection

We suggested to Jeff while he was doing the switchboard that he added switchboard surge protection so he didn't have to worry about any unwanted surges damaging his electronic equipment. We added a Hager circuit breaker to have the ability to isolate the surge protector also.

New light install

The balcony had no lighting what so ever so this was as good a time as any to install new lights, what we had to do was a bit of a mission but we got there!

To get the cables from the switchboard we had to fish the cables down the corner boxing, under the kitchen carcass, around the hot water tank, drill through the wall, run under the balcony doorstep, drill out the wall, fish up the cavity and fit off the light switch and light fitting.. yes it was a mission, but we were so happy on how the finished product looked, you wouldn't even though there was ducting running under the door!

We pulled both feeds for the air conditioning and lights out at one hole using a string line and a weight (very tedious work), the again fished across to the centre where the light fitting was going and then fit off. It turned out awesome, complete with a weatherproof light switch!

Switchboard Upgrade Summer Hill
Switchboard Upgrade Summer Hill
Switchboard Upgrade Summer Hill
Switchboard Upgrade Summer Hill
Switchboard Upgrade Summer Hill


Switchboard Upgrade Summer Hill


Switchboard Upgrade Summer Hill

Air conditioning circuit install

Like the light circuit, we had to install we had to run the air conditioner feed the same route as the light install from the switchboard out to the balcony. We fit an isolator on the wall ready for the air conditioning guys to install.

Switchboard Upgrade Summer Hill
Switchboard Upgrade Summer Hill

Job Complete - Switchboard Upgraded, New Light and AC Circuit Installed

All work is completed and Jeff was very happy!

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