Switchboard Upgrade - Summer Hill

Switchboard Upgrade

John's switchboard in Summer Hill was in need of a switchboard upgrade. There were no safety switches to be seen at all across these seven sub circuits.

With new electrical wiring rules in 2018 it's advised that all sub circuits should be protected by a safety switch.

Switchboard Install

We removed this old unit that was in John's kitchen which recently had air conditioning added, also on circuit breakers, at the time most likely this was too standard - now it requires an RCD to protect it.

We assembled the unit, and wired up the switchboard to save any mess inside, after install we tested and it all passed with flying colours. The apartment is now fully protected and up to AS3000:2018 standard.

Other electrical works

We also installed a couple of LED Oysters and Dimmers to brighten up his new home office and living areas.

Job Complete - Switchboard upgraded

John was very happy now that his switchboard is up to date with safety switches to protect his electronics.

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