Switchboard Relocation & Upgrade - Marrickville

Switchboard relocation Marrickville

A classic double brick single story home in the inner west suburb of Marrickville is in need of a switchboard relocation.

Isobel had recently had storm damage to her fascia where the main electrical cables were attached to her home, the piece of timber was touching the cables so she alerted the insurance company who advised her if they moved the existing cables, due to being substandard they would need to be replaced, which also means she would also have to  lower her switchboard right outside the front door (2 meters off the ground) to meet the regulation. The only way around this was to totally relocate the switchboard.

Switchboard relocation process

We discussed the best location to place the new meter box panel and concluded that the far side of the front wall inside the garden is the best - out of sight pace.

Offsite we prepare the meter panel to ensure we get this done in one day with the actual power downtime being under 2 hours! Being very pedantic with these jobs we put a large emphasis on keeping them super neat!

Chasing out a brick, we fished the cables down the cavity keeping the job super neat, running the tails to the old cables for the join up when we're done. Once we had the cables at each end we mount the meter box and switchboard and start the cable termination in the panel.

Earthing/grounding upgrade

When doing a switchboard upgrade we always upgrade the main earth with a new earth electrode and water bond which we drive one meter into the ground and also connect an earth to the main water pipe to make sure it all links up in the event of an electrical fault.

Level 2 electrical works

The final piece of the electrical puzzle is the level 2 electrician works. We disconnect the old mains and terminate to the new tails powering the new meter box, we then take the old meter or install a new one permitting on the circumstances. On this occasion, due to our client getting a new smart meter as part of her new provider's deal we relocated the meter, which they will replace.

Job Complete - Switchboard relocated and upgraded

Isobel was very happy that her switchboard is up to date and safely relocated.

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