LED Downlights & Dimmers Installation - Ashbury

Do you have tired, old, yellow lights like the picture below? Not only do these halogens run at 50 watts, they have been known to cause fires by insulation being laid on top of them. They can get upto temperatures of 200 degrees. LED Downlights are usually 10 watts meaning they run at 80% cheaper than your classic halogens.

Above is the old style common halogen, yellow and eating through your electricity bills!

Here is the replacement - deep dish anti glare 10 watt LED. How much cleaner on the ceiling does this look aesthetically?

We replaced twenty one downlights throughout this Ashbury house. The results were amazing. Such a nice even light spread. Halogen lights gave a 60 degree light angle spread where most LED have got 120 degree, thus, raising the light along the walls and not leaving shadows etc.

The old switches are removed and to accommodate the new chunky dimmers we had to do a little bit of carpentry on the door frames so it fits in snug.

Push dimmer installed - looks like a regular switch right? These are awesome, one simple click and the lights are on, click to go off! Hold to dim up & down.

We can also provide smart dimmers that you can control from your phone and basically automate your lights from the comfort of your smart device.

As we were there to make the ceiling look nice and white - we replaced the old struggling extractor fan in the kitchen and replaced it with a nice new 250mm clipsal.

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